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Thursday, 31 July 2014 2 Shawwaal 1435



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Thursday 31 July 2014
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Friday 1 August 2014

Namaaz Times

Thursday 31 July 2014
Imsaak03:01 Fajr03:11
Sunrise05:24 Zohr13:13
Sunset20:52 Maghrib21:02

Resident Aalim

Our Resident Aalim, Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju can be contacted via:


Sheikh will be available for consultation during the first 15
nights of Shahr-Ramadhan 1435 in the evenings. He will then be
away for the last 15 nights.

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Laylatul Raghaib A'maal

seeknightHighly recommended for the first Thursday in the month of Rajab.

The Jamaat is organising the A'maals of Laylatul Raghaib on Thursday 24th May 2012, in the MAINHALL between Maghrib and Eisha Salaat for both ladies and gents. Muallim Murtaza Bandali will conduct the A'maals.

Arrangements for Tea and Tabarruk (iftar) will be made after Magrib before A'maal

Please note, if you are staying for the A'maals, please do NOT park in Rugby Car Park. Please park your car in the Main Centre.

Details of the recommended A'maals for the month of Rajab can be found in the article, Rajab: The Month of Allah.

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