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Shahadat Eve: Imam Ali un Naqi (A)
Tuesday 21 April 2015

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Saturday 18 April 2015
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Wiladat Eve Of Imam Muhammad Al Baqir (A)
Sunday 19 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:15pm Salaatul-Maghribain 
8:45pm Holy Qur'an (MS) 
8:50pm Hadis-e-Kisa
9:05pm Lecture in English Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
9:50pm Announcements
9:55pm Speech Aunali Khalfan (TTQ)
10:00pm Qasida Wasim Fazel 
10:07pm Tabarruk
Annexe Boys (4-11) Parallel Programme

Same format as Main hall

5 Mins Talk

Shahadat Eve: Imam Ali un Naqi (A)
Tuesday 21 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
8:00pm Dua-e-Tawassul
8:19pm Salaatul Maghribain
8:49pm Holy Qur'an  (MS) 
8:55pm Announcements
9:00pm Marthiya
9:07pm Majlis in Urdu Maulana Syed Kalbe Abbas 
9:47pm Taboot/Mataam Abbasali Jagani 
9:56pm Ziyarat Makhsus
10:00pm Tabarruk
Parallel English Programme (ELC)
9:07pm  Lecture Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju
9:47pm Taaboot/Maatam
9:56pm Ziyarat Maksus
10:00pm Tabarruk

Layla tul Raghaib
Thursday 23 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
7:45PM Sura Yaseen
7:55PM Lecture Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
8:15PM Wudhoo Break
8:22PM Salaa tul Maghrib
8:35PM Iftar
9:00PM Dua-e-Kumayl
9:20PM A'maals of Layla tul Raghaib
10:20PM Salaa tul Eisha
10:30PM Announcements
10:40PM Ziarat-e-Warith Mohammed Rhemtulla (MS)

Friday Prayers
Friday 24 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
12:40pm Dua e Nudba
1:06pm Jumma Khutba Sheikh Mohamed Abbas Panju
English Sermon

Imam Musa-e-Kaadhim Day
Sunday 26 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
7:00pm Holy Qur'an  (MS) 
7:05pm Hadees-e-Kisa
7:20pm Lecture In English Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju 
8:00pm Announcements
8:05pm Qasida Abbasali Bandali 
8:12pm Munajaat Muslim Rehemtula 
8:27pm Salaatul Maghribain
9:00pm Tabarruk
Annexe Boys ( 4-11)
Same format as above

Wiladat Day: Imam Muhammad Taqi (A)
Tuesday 28 April 2015
(Hujjat) (Jamaat Programme)
7:30pm Holy Qur'an   (MS)
7:35pm Hadith-e-Kisa
7:50pm Lecture in English  Sheikh Mohamedabbas Panju
8:20pm Announcements
8:30pm Salaatul Maghribain 
9:25pm Dua e Tawassul
9:40pm Qasida
9:47pm Ziyarat
9:55pm Tabarruk
Annexe Boys (4-11)
Same format as above 
5 Min Talk

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