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Saturday, 30 August 2014 3 Dhu Al Qa'dah 1435



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Saturday 30 August 2014

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Saturday 30 August 2014
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Latest News

Rajab, Time and Imam Ali (a.s) - Sh Ahmad Haneef
ahmadHaneef"Rajab, Time and Imam Ali (a.s)"

Sheikh Ahmad Haneef

Thursday 7th June 2012 in the ELC
NEW EC Team for the remainder of the term 2011-13

Dear Members,

Assalamu Alaykum.

I hope you are well inshAllah.

Our congratulations to Shabir Bhai Mamdani and his new EC Team on their election victory of Saturday 02nd June 2012.

The new EC Team for the remainder of the term 2011-13 – will be as follows:

Wedding e-card Service

weddingecardAre you fed up of sticking address labels on your wedding invitation cards?

Do you want a cheaper and more efficient way of sending out your wedding

Save time and money by taking advantage of Hujjat's wedding invitation e-card service.

SJ Question Time event

question_time2012Stanmore Jafferys are holding a Question Time event on Satuday 2nd
June at 6pm. This is your opportunity to ask questions to the Hujjat
Presidential candidates. The programme will start at 6pm and the EGM
will follow thereafter

18:00 - Quran
18:05 - MC intro
18:10 - Question Time
19:15 - Final words
19:20 - End

Dementia awareness workshop

alzeimersAre you getting more forgetful these days? Remember what happened years ago better than yesterday? Do you know or care for someone who has the above? Have you considered that it could be DEMENTIA?

The Health Improvement Board of the Council of European Jamaats in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Society and the Seniors Network Desk Would like to raise awareness of this important yet under-recognised condition in our seniors

A talk will be held at Hussaini Islamic Centre, Stanmore

Date: Wednesday 23rd May 2012
Time: 11.45 am

We hope to tackle issues such as:

- The stigma of having dementia
- How to cope with Dementia
- What help and benefits are available
- Supporting the carers of patients with dementia

Please help us care for our seniors with dignity and respect they deserve. For further information, contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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