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Latest News

Notice of AGM 2011

Notice is hereby given that the 2011/1432 Annual General Meeting of the KSIMC of London will be held on Friday 20 May 2011 at 8.00 pm (registration to commence at 7.30 pm) at the Husaini Shia Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4LQ. To download the AGM pack, please click here. To download the Trusteess Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 December 2010, click here.

To transact the following:


1. Recitation from the Holy Qur’an and English translation thereof.

2. Confirmation and adoption of the Minutes of AGM held on 27 May 2010.

3. Matters arising on the Minutes of AGM held on 27 May 2010.

4. Confirmation and adoption of the Minutes of SGM held on 10 January 2011.

5. Matters arising on the Minutes of SGM held on 10 January 2011.

6. Presentation of Reports.

(i) President and Secretary’s report.

(ii) Accounts.

(iii) Budgets for the ensuing year.

7. Election of Office Bearers and EC Members.

8. Election of Trustees.

9. Constitutional Amendments:

1. Amendment of Clause 5.1 of the KSIMC Constitution to: "The Annual General Meeting of the Jamaat shall be called by the Executive Committee and shall be held within the two months after 1st May of each year for the purpose of…"

Proposed by Moshin Kassam and seconded by Salim Hamir

2. Amendment of clause 5.4 Notice of General Meetings First Para:

To add after…..at such a meeting shall be circularised by email, posted on website, by post upon request by members to all the members entitled to receive such a notice…….

Proposed by Moshin Kassam seconded by Salim Hamir

3. Insertion of Clause 12 (v) to the KSIMC Constitution: "No resolution for an amendment to the constitution or motion shall be passed at a General Meeting unless at least 50% of those registered members present at the start of the meeting are still present at the time of voting."

Proposed by Moshin Kassam and seconded by Mustafa Jaffer

4. It is hereby resolved by the general body that the Life membership subscription be changed from £1,000.01 to £1000.00.

Proposed by Moshin Kassam and seconded by Salim Hamir

10. Appointment of Auditors.

11. Motions for which due Notice has been given:

1. It is hereby resolved that guests should be automatically covered if they are visiting relatives of the BF eligible household. There is no need to inform the BF admin of the names of the guests in advance or upon arrival.

Proposed by Mohamedali Dharamsi and seconded by Anwar Jagani

2. Discussion for the provision of an interest-free loan to Peterborough Jamaat for the sum of £250,000.

3. Discussion of the future of Ruislip Grounds, Grosvenor Vale.

12. Motions without Notice (at the discretion of the Chair).

13. Any other business (with the permission of the Chair)

With Salaams and Duas

Moshin Kassam

Hon. Secretary

Statement release by the President of KSIMC of London

In the Name of the Almighty, the Beneficent and the Most Merciful

Since the lecture by Sheikh Usama Abdul Ghani in September 2009 at Hujjat Imambara, Stanmore, there has been an issue raised in the community that needed the attention of the leaders of our community. Cognisant of the controversies raised by Sheikh Usama and subsequently by Syed Zaki Baqri in his recent discourses at Hujjat Imambara, the EC of the KSIMC of London embarked on a thorough investigation and sought guidance from leaders of our community as well as Maraje’ and Scholars of the Shia community worldwide.

The issue was (and still is) about the personality of one Akram Majidi who claims to be an expert in guiding others to a path that supposedly leads all those who embark on it close to the Almighty. Whilst the concept of getting close to the Almighty remains one that is highly commended in Islam and one that is fully supported by us, there were certain traits and trends that were of concern to us. Behaviour and attitude were the final act that made us very objectively explore and investigate the objectives of Akram Majidi and his growing clique.

We are indeed grateful to have received full support from some of the senior students studying in Qum who formed a team to conduct a full enquiry on the background and history of Akram Majidi. As a result, they have posted their extensive findings on the website www.curtainoflight.com. This website provides a complete insight into the concept of Irfan, its history, a brief history of those who are termed as Urafa and of course, false Irfan.

A delegation led by some Office Bearers of the World Federation, WF, were able to get an audience with leading Maraje’ including Ayatullah Sistani, Ayatullah Waheed Khorasani and Ayatullah Bashir Najafi who have been unified in their condemnation of practices espoused by Akram Majidi and called for a better understanding of True Irfan to enable mu’mineen to discern right from wrong.

The WF, based on guidance received from Maraje’ and Scholars, have issued a comprehensive statement which includes a lengthy written response from Ayatullah Sistani as well as reports of verbal admonitions by Ayatullah Waheed Khorasani in a meeting attended by five people representing the WF and senior Khoja students in Qum.

The KSIMC of London, based on the above reports and on the recommendations received from our parent body; cognisant of its responsibilities towards the younger generation especially in protecting them from deviant and distorted ideologies, has taken the following actions:

• Akram Majidi will not be given platform to preach, lecture or advise our community;
• Parents and all members are advised to keep themselves and especially their youths from Akram Majidi for their own well being;
• All students affiliated with Akram Majidi are urged to seek guidance from scholars and Maraje';
• All students who continue to associate themselves with Akram Majidi shall be suspended forthwith from using the Mimbar or any other platform in the community including teaching in Madaris;
• In conjunction with the WF, counselling courses will be facilitated for those who are already deeply involved with this movement and may be in search of a way out;
• Scholars who have agreed to guide anyone interested in understanding True Irfan are Shaykh Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour of London, Dr Muhammad Shomali of Qum, Maulana Zaffer Abbas of Stanmore, London and Sheikh Muhammad Khalfan of Qum. These scholars have also expressed their willingness to help the victims of Akram Majidi combat his ways and overcome him.

Below, please find the written statement by Ayatullah Sistani and a report on what transpired in the office of Ayatullah Waheed Khorasani which are both self explanatory. If you would like to download the full statement including the statements of the Maraje', please click here.

The KSIMC of London wishes to reiterate its commitment to encouraging young members of the community who pursue further Islamic studies. We pray to the Almighty to grant us all the strength to remain firm against the onslaught of slightest deviation from the mainstream path.

With Salaams and Duas

Mustafa Jaffer

On behalf of the Executive Committee

KSIMC of London, Stanmore
16th March 2011 | 11 Rabi al Thaani 1432AH

Report from Japan on the status of Shia there

First of all thank you for your email and your concern about us and all other momineen in Japan and especially those who were living in the Area where the Earth Quake took place. We are a small community here and we do have some of our momineen living and working in those parts of Japan where the disaster took place and was badly effected. We had great difficulty in getting information about them and today finally I can confirm with the Grace of Allah all our Momineen living in that part are safe and healthy, Almdollilah. However most of them have lost all their business and some belongings as well. Our next step is to move these families to other parts of Japan and we have started doing this from today.

Next after moving them to safer ground we shall try to get them back on their feet by helping them start their business till things settle down. For this we are using all our sources but before that we also need to find suitable Board and lodging which we are doing through our Japanese friends and we are trying our best to move them out fast. But roads and services are in a bad shape.

What we need from all of our Brothers and sisters is just your Prayers...your Dua for all of us Inshallah Allah will help us out of this hardship. We are praying and doing whatever we can not only to help only our own Momineens but also the Japanese who have known to us for years and are close to us. In this time of hardship we have a duty to all mankind and Inshallah we shall put all our efforts and strength in this direction. May Allah Bless us all.

We appreciate your concern and help in this our time of test and hardship.

Thank you for your email and please remember us in your prayers.
iltimase dua,  Fi emanallah,  Hashim Muttaqi

Hilal Statement: Rabi al-Thaani 1432AH

Sunday 6 March 2011 will be the 1st day of Rabi al-Thaani 1432AH for the muqalideen of Ayatullah ul-Uzama Syed Ali al-Sistani (May Allah protect him).

Religious Law or Secular Law, What rules?

Religious Law or Secular Law, What rules?

The continuation in the series of interfaith meetings for 2011 providing educationally stimulating evenings of study and learning jointly organised by EDRS and Husaini Islamic Centre.

Monday 7th March 2011, 8pm - 10pm

At the Husaini Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 4LQ

We are delighted to welcome three distinguished speakers on the theme.

Imranali Panjwani, LLB, BA, MA, PGDip

Imranali is a University of Sheffield Law Graduate and also holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Arabic. Presently he is a PhD Research Student in Theology & Religious Studies at King’s College London.

District Judge Keith Price

Keith Price graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London, in 1969 with a law degree. In 2000, he was appointed a County Court District Judge and sits at Central London Civil Justice Centre. He is presently, a Vice-President of Edgware &
District Reform Synagogue."

Third Speaker To be Announced

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