Hujjat Statement 18.11.20 – Centre repairs

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Dear Members

Salam Alaykum

As you may all be aware, due to the recent rains and the consequent flooding, our Hujjat centre has been significantly damaged.

Alhamdullilah, we have secured funds from our insurance company to undertake immediate repair works.

To allow the contractors to carry out the various repairs, we must close the centre for a period of time. During this time, no activity will be permitted in the main building. However, the burial service will continue as normal.

We will InshaAllah keep you updated during the different phases of work and we pray for a successful completion. Measures to safely re-open the centre, subject to government COVID-19 guidelines, are currently being discussed by the EC.

We will continue to broadcast a diverse array of programmes on our Hujjat YouTube channels. Programme details can be found on the Hujjat Website.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to welcoming everyone back to centre as soon as possible.

With Salaams and Duas

Moshin Kassam
Hon Secretary
KSIMC of London
18 November 2020

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New Course: Proving the Existence of God

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“How can I prove the existence of God?”

Join us for four fascinating and interactive sessions to explore, debate, and assess a range of arguments for the existence of God: teleological, cosmological, ontological, and innate nature.

Tutor: Dr Mohammed Ali Ismail

Dates: Weekly on Tuesdays:
24 November
1 December
8 December
15 December

Time : 8pm to 915pm

Age: 16+


Apply at:

For more information email

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Hujjat Covid Statement 5.11.20 – National Lockdown

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Salaam alaykum,

Our felicitations to Imam Mahdi (atf) and the muslim Ummah on the Wiladat of our Beloved Prophet (saw) and Imam Jaffer As Sadiq (as).

As you may already be aware, the government has officially declared a national lockdown to curb the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, hospital admissions and deaths.  

Be Safe, Keep others safe

As a largely African Asian based community, we are in one of highest risk groups in the country to be severely affected by Covid-19, a silent virus that can spread between people without their knowledge. In particular, over 60’s or those with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk. As such, we would like to remind everyone to ensure we reduce the risk of being infected or infect others with our interactions and activities.

Please Wear a mask at all times and Avoid the “Three Cs”

  1. Closed Spaces with poor ventilation
  2. Crowded places with many people nearby
  3. Close-contact settings such as close-range conversations or recitations.

If you develop symptoms of the virus (a new continuous cough, fever or loss of taste or sense of smell), please immediately self-isolate and book a free test online or call 119 – people who fail to self-isolate may face a fine of up to £10,000.

Please join us in praying for the Shifa for all those who have tested positive for Covid in our community and recite Surah Al-Fateha for all Marhumeen who have lost their lives due to Covid.

Hujjat activities continue online

All Hujjat activities and programmes will continue to be delivered be online except Burials and the Islamic Montessori School. You can find all the upcoming events on the Hujjat Online Calender or subscribe to the Hujjat Youtube Channels (Main Hall / ELC) for live notifications whenever a programme is about to start.

If you missed it, here are this week’s Hujjat Highlight:

Religious events:

  1. Al-Haadi Youth’slatest The Breakdown podcast on The History of Hadith with Sayyid Ali Imran
  2. Maqasid as-Surah Series: Themes of Surah An-Noor with Sheikh Jaffer Ladak
  3. Gujurati Tafsir Surah An Noor – with Sheikh Afzal Merali
  4. Bringing it Home: Du’a Ahad – 3. Asking Allah with Aalima Masuma Jaffer
  5. Wiladat of Holy Prophet (saw) and Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as) with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli
  6. Thursday programme: Session with Ummi Aunty
  7. Hujjat Academy Course: Islamic Plan for Life with Sheikh Mohammed Ali Shomali

Current Affairs:

  1. Friday Sermon: ‘France & the question of freedom of expression part 1’ with Sheikh Jaffer Ladak


  1. Al-Haadi Youth’s Interactive Debate: This House Believes That – Using social media as a platform for social justice does more harm than good – with Zainab Gulamali, Salim Kassam, Zainab Merchant, Sheikh Mohammed Javad Shomali hosted by Muhammad Damji

Community & Culture:

  1. President’s Speech (Skip to 1:45:30)by Hamid Pirbhai
  2. Swahili with Sajeda
  3. 8 x Engagement announcements (Skip to 1:34:40)

Impact of the guidelines on our Community

A support bubble is where a household with one adult joins with another household.


  1. meet socially with anybody INDOORS unless they’re in your support bubble
    1. This includes small gatherings/majalis/dinners/games night etc
  2. meet with people in a private garden, unless you live with them or they are part of a support bubble with you
  3. arrange or attend a Wedding or Civil partnership (except deathbed weddings)


    1. exercise or meet in a public, outdoor space ONLY WITH people you live with or your support bubble, or one other person (maintain 2m social distancing, and minimise the time spent together, wear masks)
    2. meet a personal trainer in an outdoor public park
    1. leave home for work/voluntary purposes where you cannot do this from home
    2. go shopping for food, medicine or collect food/takeaways
    1. take your children to school
    2. attend formal education/training (not extracurricular classes)
    1. visit someone who is dying or giving birth
    2. attend a funeral (maximum 30 people)
    3. visit a burial ground
    4. visit a care home/hospice/hospital/accompany someone to a medical appointment
    5. move home
    1. form a childcare bubble
    2. have a cleaner or nanny
    3. leave to escape risk of injury or harm (e.g. Domestic Abuse)
    4. attend support groups that have to be delivered in person e.g. therapy, mutual aid, victims of crim, drug & alcohol recovery, new parents and guardians, long-term illnesses, bereavement, vulnerable young people, parent and child groups, 1-1 youth Work

For a full summary of the new guidelines, visit:   

How to get assistance

For those that would like assistance (including Financial, Social support, Mental health, Employment, Business Support) please

  1. Watch this clip “How to: Apply for Welfare
  2. Visit,
  3. Call the Single Point of Access number 0208 420 7923
  4. Contact the hujjat admin (

The Hujjat EC and the Task force would like to thank every member for their cooperation and support during this pandemic, and pray that we get through it together.


Moshin Kassam
Hon. Secretary
The KSIMC of London

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12 September 2020

As set out in previous communications, our AGM will be held on Sunday 20 September 2020.

We would usually hold this meeting physically at the Hujjat centre. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be necessary to hold the AGM electronically this year.

In order to facilitate this electronic meeting, please could members wishing to attend the AGM complete and submit the form available here by THURSDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2020. We will contact members who have registered for the AGM and provide them with further details and instructions.

With Salaams and Duas

Musafir Somani
Hon. Secretary
The KSIMC of London

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Election Results and Electoral Commission Statement.

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Dearest Members of our community

Salaamun Alaikum

InshAllah you are all well. 

Sunday 6 September 2020 marks a historic date in our Jamaat history. These Elections saw a staggering 1,068 attendees!  with our highest number of female voters ever, at just a hair under 400! Despite the numerous challenges and enhanced precautionary measures we saw high morale, adherence to process and support!  

The Electoral Commission are pleased to announce that the following candidates for their respected positions received the greatest number of votes. For the position of: 

President – Br Hamid Pirbhai (886 votes) 

Vice President – Br Sibtain Allibhai (889 votes)

Honorary Secretary – Br Moshin Kassam (854)

Assistant Secretary – Br Mohamed Asif Rajabali (879 votes)

Honorary Treasure – Br Aqeel Merchant (870 votes)

Assistant Treasurer – Br Muntazir Kanji (886 votes)

Chairlady – (Unopposed) Sr. Nasima Azim Karim (343 votes)

Committee Member- (Unopposed) Sr. Mumtaz M Merali (PK) (339 votes)

Committee Member- (Unopposed) Sr. Samana Fazel (329 votes)

Committee Member- Br Imran Gulamhusein ( 870 votes)

Committee Member- Br Sheikh Abbas Ismail (881 votes)

Committee Member- Br Muhammad Datoo (894 votes)

Committee Member- Br Asad Abdullah (870 votes)

Committee Member- Br Shiraz Jamal (872 votes) 


Please note that for the above post of President his election is subject to the Electoral Commission receiving a clear DBS certificate in accordance with clause 2.1.1. 

For clarity and assurance, the Electoral Commission sought to obtain DBS certificates for both Presidents after their nomination papers were received. Please be advised that a further communication shall be made to the general body upon receipt of the above. 

Pursuant to clause 7.22 of our constitution, on behalf of the Electoral Commission I declare that to the best of our knowledge, the electoral process has been been free and fair. Subsequent to this email I shall provide a more comprehensive set of data for your perusal. 

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London wish to thank all members for their participation and support in these Elections. An esteemed token of gratitude for all their assistance, support and effort in achieving the success of these elections: 

Br Musafir Somani 

Br Abidali Hirani

Sr Azmina Mawjee

Sr Raihana Mawjee 

Sr Fatim Ladak 

Sr Zahra Janmohamed 

Sr Fatimah Jessa-Jaffer 

Sr Fatema Mamdani 

Sr Zainab Jaffer 

Sr Alia Merali 

Br Akhtar Jaffer

Br Shabir Kassam 

Jimmy Uncle 

Br Shahid Jaffer 

Br Shams Kermali 

Br Muzaffar Rashid 

Sr Hafiza Mistry 

Br Reyaz Chapar 

Br Mohammed Ashraf Rashid 

Br Tasleem Kanji 

Br Mohammed Azim Dosa 

Br Mohsin Jaganathan 

Sheikh Gulamabbas Murtaza Lakha (Hustings Chair)

Syed Naqvi/ Fizza bai Naqvi 

Our servitude to the community and most importantly our Lord has been an honour and privilege for my team and I. I am emphatically in awe of the unity seen today, may Allah (swt) through His blessed household (a.s) grant our community success, blessings and valour. We wish the incoming E.C. a prosperous term in serving our beloved Jamaat. 


Farhan Jamal – Chair
For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission
The KSIMC of London
Registered Charity No. 288356

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Darul Qur’an: Competition

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DarulQur’an is pleased to announce its annual Qur’an competition will take place on 07 and 08 December, 2018.

Thisyear, Darul Qur’an will also be running exciting and interactive Islamic art, calligraphy, poetry and story-telling workshops alongside the competition. We invite everyone, young and old, to come view and create poetry, art, and calligraphy on the theme of Muhammad, the Beloved.

Full details about the competition and workshops are available on the and the Darul Qur’an website,

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Elections December 2017 Update

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Dear Members,

Salaam Alaikum.

In order to comply with Data Protection, the CVs of individual members of the Executive Committee for the term 2017 – 2019 will be emailed to you, along with the manifesto of the President, Dr Munir Datoo. Please do not publish these on public forums where non-members of our community may have access to them, but keep them for your own personal use only.

Salaams and Duas

Electoral Commission

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Elections December 2017 Update

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Salaamun Alaikum

Dear Members,

Pursuant to s7.4.2 of The Constitution, the Electoral Commission declares that all the positions for the Executive Committee standing in the December 2017 elections are uncontested. Subsequently no election will be held on Sunday 17th December 2017, and the Electoral Commission declares the following as the new Executive Committee of KSIMC of London:

President: Brother Dr Munir Datoo
Vice President: Brother Altaf Daya
Hon. Secretary: Brother Musafir Somani
Asst. Secretary: Brother Munir Chandoo
Hon. Treasurer: Brother Shams Kermalli
Asst. Treasurer: Brother Muzaffer Rashid

Chairlady: Sister Marzia Jaffer

EC members:
Sister Farzana Karawalli
Sister Sukaina Karim
Brother Dr Sadik Merali
Brother Shaahid Hassan Jaffer
Brother Asim Nurmohamed
Brother Salim Kassam
Brother Tauseef Mehrali

The Electoral Commission is satisfied that the electoral process has been conducted in a free and fair manner. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome the incoming team and offer our thanks to the outgoing Executive Committee.

Salaams and Duas

Sister Azra Hussain (Chair)
Brother Faiyaz Nurmohamed
Brother Farhan Jamal
Brother Murtaza Jaffer
Brother Mohsin Kaba

For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission.

The KSIMC of London

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