AHY Eid Gifts for Ramadhan Relief

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For us, Eid marks the day we celebrate. A day that marks the end of a month of fasting. A day that marks a new beginning. For others around the word, there is no change – they face the daily challenge of feeding themselves and their families. What if there was a way for you to help change this? A way that you can help give them a new beginning?

Treat your family and friends as well as donating to a charity all in one go this Eid! AHY present our range of Eid gifts for you to give to your loved ones. All the frame artwork is designed by Fatema Moledina.

All proceeds will go to providing essential food for the most vulnerable around the world including Yemen, Kenya, Iraq. (Through Hujjat Ramadhan Relief)

Delivery included around the UK. Purchase before 18th of May 2020 to receive in time for Eid!

Full range of products can be found on hujj.at/eidcard

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AHY #30K Challenge for WF-AID Ramadhan Relief

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Al Haadi Hujjat Youth are running their #30K challenge for WF-AID’s Ramadan Relief appeal, which provides essential food packs to families living in poverty in over 20 countries around the world

During the Holy month of Ramadan, WF-AID aims to tackle starvation within some of the most heavily-deprived parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We are working with our partners in over 20 countries, including Kenya, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and the United Kingdom. This year, with the onset of the Coronavirus, families who would normally go to community iftars no longer have that option.

Food prices are rising and supply has reduced, making an already difficult task to buy food for the month even harder. The food packs you fund give families a rare opportunity to receive essential nutrition, which they rely on for the strength they need to source water and shelter.

Each individual Food Pack costs just £55 and can feed a family of five for an entire month.

Al Haadi Hujjat Youth, as part of Hujjat are striving to support WF-AID in their pledge to support the campaign to which the aim is to raise £30,000.00 for Hujjat Ramadhan Relief Fund.

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Ramadhan Relations – A new initiative

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*Ramadhan Relations*

Hujjat Helping Hands, Al-Haadi Youth and Inspirational Minds are honoured to launch an inter-generational initiative bringing together seniors in our community with the youth.

This scheme is a friendship between a Senior (any Lady or Gent 50+ can register) and Youth (Girl or Boy aged 5-18 years) from our community. It is aimed to enhance social interaction between the Seniors and Youth, both benefiting from each other’s virtual companionship during the month of Ramadan.

We hope to see the youth inspired by our community’s seniors, learning from their valuable life experience, teaching their mother tongue, and enhance their character and concept of servitude. While the youth can build companions in our seniors and teach modern day skills e.g. using Zoom to ensure our seniors are well equipped for the 21st century.

*Join the initiative*
If you would like to join the initiative, or believe someone may benefit from Ramadhan Relations, please register your interest by visiting tiny.cc/RamadhanRelations or contact Sonya Moledina on 07736 297 029 or Riyaz Khaku on 07405 609 022.

*How does it work?*

  1. Seniors will be identified by the Seniors Committee (Ladies) and Hujjat Helping Hands (Gents)
  2. Youth will be identified by Al-Haadi Youth
  3. Seniors will be paired with Youth for the duration of Ramadhan, and contact details will be exchanged with a guardian’s oversight.

InshAllah if this initiative is successful, we will aim to roll out other fun and interactive projects bringing the youth and seniors of our community together.

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Al Haadi Youth Family Quiz (ongoing!)

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Take part in our family quiz, a great way to productively spend your time connecting to the Qur’an, religion and family whilst cooped up at home.

Themed questions: Logical, Qur’anic, Puzzles, culture and general knowledge. A fun way to prepare for the Holy Month of Ramadhan. Questions released every other day!

Prizes to be won!

Quiz live from the 12th of April 2020 on the following link tiny.cc/AHYFamilyQuiz

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Food bank collection

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Our community has supported our local food bank, Sufra, for many years now. Unfortunately, the current situation means that their donations of food are dwindling and they are struggling to purchase the food and toiletries they need in the quantities required. All this whilst they are experiencing record levels of demand.

Al-Haadi Youth have organised a food drive to help – drop off points are in Stanmore, Harrow and Watford (*not* at the centre). See poster for more details.

For more information, or to have online shopping delivered directly to Sufra, please visit their website at www.sufra-nwlondon.org.uk

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TONIGHT! – ladies only

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🔊 *Baraza Corner* 🔊

The Professional Muslim Woman

Should the definition of social hijab change with time? Should women pursue roles in male dominated fields? How far should a woman balance her career and her many other responsibilities? Join us on *Friday 21st February at 9pm* as we sit down with Sister Zahra Al-Alawi and discuss important, relevant issues facing Muslim working women every day.

*Ladies only event*

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