Penumbra Eclipse Illustration

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: 5 June 2020

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A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the shadow of the Earth. For this to happen the Sun, Earth, and Moon must be closely aligned with the Moon and the Moon located furthest from the Sun. There are a few different types of Lunar Eclipse that are determined by where the moon is in relationship to the shadow of the Earth.

A Penumbra Eclipse occurs when the moon only enters the Penumbra area of the Earth’s shadow. The Penumbra is a region of the shadow that is not completely obsured from the rays of the sun. This lighter shadow is a result of the relative size of the Sun to the Earth.

This type of Eclipse causes the moon to only darken slightly when viewed from earth and is one of the less dramatic Lunar eclipse.

The next Penumbral Eclipse will occur on Friday 5th June 2020.

Penumbral Eclipse begins on 5th June at 21.02 (UK Time)

Penumbral Eclipse ends at 22.04 (UK Time) 

According to the rulings of Ayatullah Sistani (May Almighty Grant him a long life) Namaz e Ayat is not wajib during a penumbral lunar eclipse.

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News of Death: Marhum Tehsinali Mohammedtaki Jiwa

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In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

inna lillah

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajeoon – “To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”. (Al-Baqarah 2:156)

Marhum Tehsinali Mohammedtaki Jiwa on Saturday 30 May 2020 -6 Shawwal 1441

We regret to inform you of the sad demise of  Marhum Tehsinali Mohammedtaki Jiwa  who passed away today in London and will be buried on Monday 1 June in a private ceremony.

Mu’mineen are requested to recite Salaat al-Wahshat/Hadiya-e-Mayyit on Monday 1 June 2020 after Salaat al-Maghribayn.

Al Fateha

In these very trying and exceptional times we all have to do our part to protect the community and humanity in general.

We have taken into account the lockdown guidance of the Government and the social distancing advice and have formulated the following guidelines for Funerals

Ghusal to be performed by team only.

Salaat of Mayyit at Kabrastan

******* IMPORTANT ********

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Inspi-hour | Episode 8

📆 Saturday 23rd May

The world from a different perspective

“There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more”

Guest host, Fatema Zahra Abdulhussein will explore the world through a different lens, showcasing some of the achievements of individuals who have gone over and beyond to meet their goals with a disability. She will be joined by Sarah Mamdani, Khadija & her mother Nishaat Bhimani and Murtaza Dewji who will give us some insight about their journeys, achievements and how they stay positive!

iCrave: Did someone say chickpea curry?! Zahira Mamdani will be showing us how to make this fibre & protein packed curry for you to enjoy!

iSOULation: Al Haadi Youth share how they supported vulnerable people at home during lockdown by providing up to 1800 iftars a day during this month of Ramadhan.

💻 📲 Join us on (Please log onto the Hujjat ELC channel)

📞If you want support from the IM Health & Wellbeing Network, call us on 0208 420 7923 (Option 4, then option 1) or email

Check out all previous shows at:

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The next new moon occurs on Friday, 22nd May, 2020, at 18:39 BST. On Saturday, 23rd May, 2020, it can easily be seen, after sunset, with the unaided eye, in North and Central America, as well as parts of South America. On this day it may also be seen with difficulty in parts of Africa.

On Sunday, 24th May, 2020, the crescent can easily be seen after sunset in the rest of the whole world.

For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) EXPECT 1st Shawwaal, 1441AH, to be on Monday, 25th May, 2020.

Important Dates for the month:
Monday 25th May: 1st Shawwaal: Eid ul Fitr
Monday 1st June: 8th Shawwaal: Yaum e Gham – Day of Sorrow
Thursday 18th June: 25th Shawwaal: Shahadat Day – Imam Jaffer Sadiq (A)

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Shahr Ramadhan 1441 Creative Competition SUMMARY AND FEEDBACK

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This Shahr Ramadhan, the Hujjat Education team organised weekly creative competitions, based on the theme of that week. Alhamdulillah the response we had to this initiative was heart-warming, with so many people from a variety of different age groups submitting beautifully crafted drawings and paintings, thought-provoking and lyrical poems, video presentations, models, and more! Congratulations to all those who took part, but in particular to our winners:

Week 1 – Habeeb and Yusuf Tharoo with their model depicting the theme of Ummah and Unity

Week 2 – Maimuna Fazal with her poem ‘Oh Fast’ on the theme of Connecting to Allah through bettering our Siyam

Week 3 – Muhammad Mahdi Hasan for his poem ‘Living with the Qur’an’ on the theme of Connecting to Allah through the Holy Qur’an

Thank you to all those of you who called us, and sent us messages, to tell us how much you all enjoyed our weekly themes and live sessions, as well as taking part in these competitions – and how much you all benefitted! Here is a summary of the feedback we have received:

There were lots of competitions to choose from this Mahe Ramadhan but I felt the simplicity and expanse of your competitions, and your enthusiasm in showing them on the live sessions, really encouraged us. Thank you. Fatima

Thank you Hujjat for having such wonderful competition every week. Each week we were able to learn more and more about our religion in a way that our whole family enjoyed. It allowed us to expand our knowledge by opening the Holy Quran and we got to live the Quran in the holy month of Ramadan. We hope that we can continue the journey of increasing our knowledge outside the holy month. Looking forward for more fun competitions in the future. Thank you to the Hujjat team for making our Ramadan quarantine special. Shirin

The competition was an opportunity to express the need of a community to come together during a difficult period to express their love for a Deen that always is a source of guidance. Just want to express deepest gratitude for all who have worked so hard to make everything possible and pray for the Taqwa of all of manifest itself throughout one’s lifetime and beyond. Maimuna

We as a family really learnt a lot from the sessions – we as a family got to work and build our Islamic Knowledge by opening up the Quran more then we usually do and learn more about Allah’s mercy and love – and find amazing verses that can help us daily in our lives. My daughter learnt a lot about the nights of Laylatul Qadr, older children learnt how Allah speaks to and guides us through the Quran. Alhumdullah, this Ramadhan we felt we really got to reflect on the Quran and Inshallah we will all try our best to live by the Quran. Sukaina

Please do take some time to appreciate the hard work and thought that went into each carefully crafted entry!

CLICK HERE to view the entries on the theme of Ummah and Unity

CLICK HERE to view the entries on the theme of Connecting to Allah through bettering our Siyam

CLICK HERE to view the entries on the theme of Connecting to Allah through the Holy Qur’an

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Inspi hour: TODAY 5PM

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Ramadhan Health Awareness Campaign

Inspi-hour | Episode 7


📆 Saturday 16th May

This week, guest host Zamena Suleiman will be discussing  Eating Disorders with
Dr Teizeem Dhanji Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Kaniz Mulji Deputy Head Teacher

Themes covered:
✅ Causes of ED
✅ Short & Long term impact of ED
✅ How to recognise ED
✅ Fussy Eating
✅ Eating problems in young children
✅ How you can help friends or family members who may have an eating disorder.

iCrave:  Abbas Jagani & Fatemah L Ladak will be cooking up some delicious healthy Malai Chicken Skewers  for you to enjoy!

iSOULation: Zahra Merali will be talking about all the things she’s grateful for and how she keeps positive!

💻 📲 Join us on (Please log onto the Hujjat ELC channel)

📞If you want support from the IM Health & Wellbeing Network, call us on 0208 420 7923 (Option 4, then option 1) or email

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AHY Eid Gifts for Ramadhan Relief

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For us, Eid marks the day we celebrate. A day that marks the end of a month of fasting. A day that marks a new beginning. For others around the word, there is no change – they face the daily challenge of feeding themselves and their families. What if there was a way for you to help change this? A way that you can help give them a new beginning?

Treat your family and friends as well as donating to a charity all in one go this Eid! AHY present our range of Eid gifts for you to give to your loved ones. All the frame artwork is designed by Fatema Moledina.

All proceeds will go to providing essential food for the most vulnerable around the world including Yemen, Kenya, Iraq. (Through Hujjat Ramadhan Relief)

Delivery included around the UK. Purchase before 18th of May 2020 to receive in time for Eid!

Full range of products can be found on

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