Outcome of 14th January 2022 Special General Meeting (SGM)

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Salaam alaykum,

Insha’Allah you are well

Following the Special General Meeting (SGM) conducted on Friday 14th January 2022, resolution A was passed by a 77% majority, Resolution B was withdrawn.

Resolution A. The General Body of The KSIMC of London hereby grants the Executive Committee the mandate to enter into such contracts, incur such obligations including financing and generally to do such acts as may be appropriate and/or necessary to purchase the site known as the “Denham Property – Harefield” (the “Site”), at such a price as shall be acceptable to the EC without the use of The KSIMC of London, Wood Lane, HA7 4LQ as collateral.

The Hujjat EC would like to thank the entire membership for its engagement throughout the meeting and its continued support. We have noted all deliberations and these will be instrumental as we progress further through the bidding process and beyond. We look forward to updating the community with further developments on the project in the coming weeks.

With Salaams and Duas

Moshin Kassam
Hon. Secretary

By: Mohamedasif

Notice of SGM : Friday 14th January 2022

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If you have not managed to register please join – hujj.at/sgm22


Salaamun Alaykum,

Dear Members,

In line with clause 9 of the Constitution, notice is hereby given by the Executive Committee of an Special General Meeting (SGM) to be held on Friday 14th January 2022 at 8.30pm at Al Zahra Centre, 81 Fearnley Street, Watford, WD18 0RB and/or virtually to transact the following:

  1. Recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the English translation thereof
  2. Consideration and adoption of the following resolutions relating to the proposed purchase of the site known as the “Denham Property – Harefield”:

A. In accordance with clause 6.10 of the Constitution, the General Body of The KSIMC of London hereby grants the Executive Committee the mandate to enter into such contracts, incur such obligations including financing and generally to do such acts as may be appropriate and/or necessary to purchase the site known as the “Denham Property – Harefield” (the “Site”), at such a price as shall be acceptable to the EC.

B. The General Body of the KSIMC of London hereby resolve to grant the Executive Committee the mandate to incur costs and professional fees in connection with the proposed purchase of the Site (including consideration of appropriate legal ownership structure of the Site), subject to a maximum of £600,000, exclusive of any taxes.

Further information on the Site is attached for members in advance of the SGM below:

Proposed amendments to the above resolution will be considered in advance of the meeting and the resolution adjusted accordingly. Please email any proposed amendments to secretary@hujjat.org.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, pre-registration will be required to attend the SGM at Al Zahra Centre:

  • Face masks will be mandatory at all times, indoors.
  • Social distancing will be in place.

Given the rise in COVID-19 cases and all physical activities suspected, we will be trialling a new measure:

  • Evidence of a negative LFT required within 24 hours of attending and shown at the door upon entry.

For those unable to attend in person, a virtual platform will be facilitated, registration for this will also be required. To register to attend either physically or virtually, please complete the following form. All attendees must be paid Hujjat members (2021 subscriptions paid for).

Both Male and Female members are encouraged to attend.

With Salaams and Duas,

Moshin Kassam

Honorary Secretary

By: Mohamedasif

Hujjat COVID-19 Statement – Dec 2021

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29th December 2021

Salaam alaykum,

Insha’Allah you are all well and staying safe.

Hujjat has been continually monitoring, assessing and reviewing the COVID – 19 impact, closely liaising with local, regionaland national partners. With the onset of the Omicron variant and the substainial rise in COVID-19 cases both within the community and the country, we regret to inform you that all face-to face Hujjat events will be streamed online only until further notice. More details on this can be found on our Hujjat website (hujjat.org). Our upcoming Ayyam e Fatimiyyah series with Syed Asad Jafri will also be broadcasted via hujjat.org.

Please note, this will not include funeral activities where Hujjat COVID-19 restrictions will be in place.

This decision has not been made lightly, with an abundance of caution in mind and with the most vulnerable in our community prioritised. For updates on when normal services will resume, please actively monitor updates on www.hujjat.org and our social media accounts @ksimclondon (instagram.com/ksimclondon, facebook.com/ksimclondon, twitter.com/ksimclondon)

Hujjat Services to help members during these difficult times

Order Free Lateral Flow Test
Around 1 in 3 people with COVID-19 do not have symptoms. Rapid lateral flow tests help to find cases in people who may have no symptoms but are still infectious and can give the virus to others. https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Book your vaccine/booster

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your continued patience and support. We pray for the well-being and safety of all our members, attendees and the wider community at large.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact the admin team (admin@hujjat.org / 02089546247) or any member of the Hujjat EC.

Moshin Kassam
Honorary Secretary of The KSIMC of London

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Hujjat Property Update – December 2021

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بِسْمِ ٱللَّٰهِ ٱلرَّحْمَٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ,

In the name of Allah (swt) the most gracious the most merciful

إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ
You ˹alone˺ we worship and from You ˹alone˺ we seek help.

My Dear Community Members

Salaamun Alikum.

I pray that you all are keeping well and safe from the corona virus and specially from the new variant, Omicron which seems to be spreading faster than the previous ones. Our medical experts have given advice to stay safe by wearing masks, maintaining social distance and avoid eating and/or drinking in indoor spaces. I urge each and everyone to take these precautions and remain safe.

One other way to keep us all safe is by getting vaccinated. Hujjat have run multiple vaccine campaigns and will continue to do so to encourage all our members and their families to get vaccinated including the booster so that even if we contract this awful virus, it has minimal, if any, symptoms. May Allah keep us all safe and those who are suffering give them speedy recovery. Ameen.

The last 4 weeks have been busy in the Hujjat calendar. Firstly, the Presidential Election for which I ran un-opposed for the remaining term up to June 2022. I once again appreciate your encouragement and support. May Allah unite us all so we can make this community stronger.

Further to my promise in the November update, we are at that junction of our building refurbishment when we will be engaging with members to get them onboard with our plans and seek their input and guidance. We have had two such events so far and more to follow. They both have been very well received and everyone unanimously asked for more of such regular interactions and everyone is keen to have a place, even if its temporary, which we can call home and resume our activities. The Executive Committee is actively looking into this and will revert with positive news soon. Inshallah.

In regard to the property update, only one survey is now remaining, and the reports have been submitted to the RICS surveyor to finalise the tender pack to go out. We are trying our level best to expedite the process so we can reach out to the general body and present the entire proposition of refurbishment with options for the members to make an informed decision of our future. We aim to hold this early next year. These surveys form a critical part of our refurbishment as it will be the basis of all works that will be carried out.

In regard to other activities, am pleased to inform the members that we have resumed Fajar Namaz on weekends (Saturdays & Sundays). I would like to encourage all members to sign up and attend. More details on the website.

Volunteers are the backbone of every community, and we are blessed to have so many dedicated ones. Every year Hujjat recognises a few and honour them with Hussaini Award. Last week on the Khushali of Bibi Zainab AS we awarded five (5) volunteers who have spent decades in service towards Hujjat. We need to continue to instil this in our members specially the youth so they are able to serve the community for the pleasure of Allah.

I would like to mention that there is a lot happening in the next 4 weeks which I will cover in my Jan report however stay tuned to our website & other social media channels.

Once again to reiterate, the EC members are here to assist and serve you so please feel free to reach out to myself or my team.

Finally, I wish everyone a lovely holiday season. Many of our members are travelling for Ziarat or Umra – Please remember each other in your prayers and safe travels.

I pray that Allah (swt) and the 14 Masomeen bless us all and provide us with the guidance we seek to obtain. Ameen.

By: Mohamedasif

Hujjat Property Update – November 2021

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إِيَّاكَ نَعْبُدُ وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ

You ˹alone˺ we worship and from You ˹alone˺ we seek help.

My Dear Community Members
Salaamun Alikum.

I , Sibtain Allibhai – your acting president – would like to thank each and every one of you who has been in touch with our EC team to offer your vote of confidence and encouragement during these critical times.  As you are aware, our President Hamid bhai has resigned due to his personal reasons and in line with the constitution we have called for a Presidential election on 5th of December.  We pray that inshAllah the best candidate for the community is successful.  Ameen.

I am overwhelmed with the support and duas I have received from the members and from the Executive Committee during this interim period as I have sought to fulfil the role and responsibilities of acting President.   The team is United, motivated and very keen to deliver what we have set out to.

With regards to the Property update, Alhamdulillah we are pleased that we are now on the final phase of the insurance claim. Currently Northwood Carter are compiling tender packs and are due to send these to the relevant parties.

On the wider development planning application, we have had some great feedback from the heritage consultant regarding the ability to further reduce the items of interest. If successful, this will be a big step for us and we will update further inshAllah at the upcoming EGM.  

As we have now reached a position where we are due to move to tender – we will be looking at how best to engage the wider community so that we can embark on the next phase of this journey together. 

So onto other activities, you may be aware that Seniors programs are now happening weekly for both ladies & gents.  I have had the privilege to attend the last few sessions and it is a pleasure to see our senior members coming to the mosque, socialising and benefitting from the programs.  May Allah bless them with long and healthy lives.  

The Annex is fully operational and available for our members. If you wish to hold any programs, please get in touch with the admin team.

I would also like to mention here the great work that the Burial Team is doing under the leadership of Shabbir Bhai Kassim and Raza bhai Jessa with the help of multiple volunteers both in ladies & gents.  Just in October we did 12 ghusal / Kafan.  May Allah bless all our volunteers and reward them amply in this world and hereafter.   

For those individuals who are working tirelessly to draft WhatsApp messages with pseudonyms and filming videos and sharing these, I have to say I am impressed by your dedication to this community. My humble request is that you step forward and direct your time and effort by supporting us in serving the community in any of the departments or BUJUs of Hujjat. Please do not indulge in this sin of discrediting someone.  Even if all you write was true, which it is not, the faith you follow does not allow such behaviour.  

May Allah forgive all of us for our sins, give us the tawfeeq to serve the community, and keep us all on the right path.

Lastly, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, or the EC team members should you require anything . We are at your service.

I pray that Allah (swt) and the 14 Masomeen bless us all and provide us with the guidance we seek to obtain. Ameen.

By: Mohamedasif

Presidential Election 5th December 2021, Timelines and Nomination Papers [ECT]

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Salaamun Alaikum Dear Community Members, 

InshaAllah by the grace of Allah (swt) and our beloved fourteen Masomeen (as) you are all well. 
Following the announcement from the Executive Committee tonight calling for a Presidential Election to be held on Sunday 5th December the Electoral Commission has convened and wishes to advise members and prospect candidates of the following important dates:

  • Sunday 5th December 2021 – Election Day (10:30am – 7:30pm) 
  • Friday 3rd December 2021 – Hustings (in the event that there are two or more candidates) 
  • Saturday 27th November – Final list of candidates will be shared to Members
  • Saturday 20th November – Final date for nominations to be received – (no later than 11:59pm)

As these elections are reserved for the post of President, kindly see below the required three documents: 

  • Clause 7.3 – A completed nomination paper (inc. in this communique) – We advise that candidates are aware of the eligibility criteria and procedural constitutional requirements before submitting. 
  • Clause “7.3.6  a statement of no more than 250 words by the candidate, setting out his or her skills and qualifications and what contribution he or she can make to the Jamaat (the “CV”)”  and
  • Clause “7.3.7  mandatory for candidates for President and optional for other candidates, a manifesto for circulation to the members.” 

For candidates wishing to stand for the post kindly ensure all required documents are received no later than Saturday 20th November 11:59pm.  
Further details of the upcoming Election will be made available in due course. 
May Allah (swt) guide us towards him through the divine status that vests with our Ahlul bayt (as)
With Duas, The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London 

By: Mohamedasif

Property Update – September 2021

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Adhamaalahu Ujuruna Waujurakum Bimusabina Bibi Zainab (S.A.)

Respected Scholars, Dear Elders, Brothers and Sisters

Salamun Alaikum

As per the Executive Committee commitment of providing the community with a monthly update, we are pleased to provide you the latest position in relation to the works at our Beloved Centre.

Centre Restoration – Surveyors Update

Our Surveyors’ Northwood Carter have been working with the various specialists and consultants to get their final reports, which are all required by the Insurers before we can commence with restoration works. Many of our members will have seen multiple consultants in attendance on behalf of the insurers, and we have been informed that our members and staff have been very accommodating, may Allah SWT reward you all. Alhamdulillah we are now nearing completion of the surveys – with the final ones taking place over the coming days.

As indicated in our previous updates, this whole process was due to take up-to 6 months and Alhamdulillah we are within this target time. Northwood Carter have confirmed they are confident that all the reports will be with the Insurers by the end of October, which will allow us to move to the next stage of discussions with the Insurers.

For the purpose of explaining further to our members, when Northwood Carter talk about specialist reports, these are reports to create detailed scope of works to allow competitive tendering to ensure any scope of work created provides information to the insurer and contractors about what works are necessary to restore the building. This would apply for each discipline – thereby giving the insurers confidence that the restoration meets current building regulations and standards.

The Insurers will not progress any discussions until all these reports are submitted and we have been informed that some of these reports have already been submitted and the remainder are due to be submitted to the Insurers by the end of October.

The next stage would be finalising the scope of work for competitive tendering to contractors. These prices from contractors will be used as a platform for discussions to move forward towards a restoration value, and more over the insurers working with the selected contractor to restore the centre. The insurers will be tendering to 5 contractors, 2 from their internal framework and 3 provided by Northwood Carter. This would give them a good baseline for moving to contract award.

Centre Restoration – Architect Update

The architects appointed by Hujjat are working diligently with the various stakeholders including our Surveyors, Heritage Teams, the Council and the Hujjat Property Team to work out the potential options for the community.

There are currently three options which are being presented to the executive committee, which we will present to the entire membership to make a decision on the potential options to include time and cost. These include (a) a restoration solely done by the insurer, (b) an enhanced restoration of the centre and (c) pursuing the wider development plan to include extensions of the building.

We have been assured by the Architects that we should receive options b&c, the visuals and the costings by the end of October.

This will tie in well with having some indication on the level of works required from an insurance restoration perspective, along with the wider development plan, it is our intention to call a General Body Meeting around end November/beginning December time to provide the membership with comprehensive options to decide on the best option forward.

Temporary Steel Structure within the Centre

As updated to the community, the Executive Committee was exploring temporary structures to be erected at the Centre whilst the restoration work was being done. A pre planning application was submitted to Harrow Council and we are still waiting to get a formal update from the council in respect of our application.

In the meantime, the Executive Committee are exploring alternative options within the existing premises. These are dependent on a number of factors, including Health and Safety clearance, Insurance Clearance and also the various reports that are being submitted to the Insurers.

As your Executive Committee, we are making you aware of the options we are exploring, some of these may not materialise due to multiple reasons. This is just to assure you that we are undertaking various options and modalities to see how best we can reopen our centre as soon as its possible.

We expect to have a more concrete and practical plan of reopening our centre by the end of October when we will update the community. If we are able to obtain approval prior to this time, we will naturally update the community earlier.

Ashrae Zainabiya

The team is working very hard and diligently to plan and prepare for Ashra Zainabiya at our beloved Hujjat Centre. The works for this are at final stages and like the first Ashra, we are working on having Marquees and have the majlises face to face in our centre. We are extremely grateful for the support from our members and volunteers throughout this period. InshAllah we can be all together once more at our beloved centre to commemorate the Chehlum of Aba Abdillah (A.S), his family and companions and mourn the atrocities faced by Imam Sajjad (A.S), Bibi Zainab (S.A) and the families of the Martyrs of Kerbala.

Wassalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

By: Mohamedasif

Property Update – August 2021

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Adhamaalahu Ujuruna Waujurakum Bimusabina Be Abi Abillah Al Hussain (A.S)

Respected Scholars, My dear Elders, Brothers and Sisters

Salamun Alaikum

Following our last monthly update in July 2021 on our beloved Hujjat Centre, on the property front, the past month has been very busy Alhamdulillah.

Centre Restoration – Northwood Carter, the RICS surveyor working with the insurers on the restoration of the building, in their latest update meeting have mentioned that the specifications are being compiled for the tendering of restoration works.

Centre Pre Application – Studio Downie, the architect working on the wider development plans, have been working closely with all the specialist stakeholders to compile a thorough pre application pack, including the heritage consultants who are looking at a comprehensive approach to the enhanced listing.

With regard to the temporary steel structure – TSS, following last month’s update we have now had a site visit and have had subsequent meetings with Harrow Planning and Heritage department discussing the details of our proposal.

We now await a formal report from the council, expected to give us a “detail” guidance, allowing us to be in a position such that we can get an indicative green light from them on this before submitting the formal planning application.

Insha’Allah we continually strive to do our best to speed up the above processes as much as possible and are grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support – many of whom have recently come forward to offer help in multiple ways, Insha’Allah your reward is with

Allah SWT.

As we mourn the tragedy of Kerbala and remember our King of Martyrs (A.S), his family and companions, we pray to Allah SWT with the Wasilah of Syedus Shuhadaa (A.S.) and Bibi Zainab (S.A) Insha’Allah for speedy progress for the works to start soon at our beloved Centre. Ameen.

Wassalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

By: Mohamedasif

Muharram 1443

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Salaam alaykum,

We pray you are well and staying safe during these difficult times.

We are honoured to present our programme for the upcoming Ashra Muharram 1443. We will insha’Allah be blessed with the following reciters  –

  • The English Lecture at our Hujjat Centre will be delivered by Shaykh Abbas Jaffer
  • The Ladies Morning Majlis Lecture will be delivered by Zakira Anjum Mukadam
  • An Urdu Lecture will be streamed online (hujj.at/live) and will be live at Al Zahra Centre, Watford. The lecture will be delivered by Maulana Syed Fida Hussain Bukhari. This event will be solely managed by Al Zahra Centre, Watford.

It is every attendees personal responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the Hujjat guidelines and follow the direction of our dedicated volunteers. We have implemented a variety of measures to reduce the risk of transmission, however, all attendees must also be aware that COVID-19 is ever present, and no event is risk free.

If your circumstances change, it is your moral and religious duty to inform the team to ensure the safety of other community members. Failure to do so may affect your ability to attend future events, and you risk putting other community member’s lives at risk. Contact us on admin@hujjat.org or 020 8954 6247

We wish to take this opportunity to remember many of our community members that we have sadly lost since last Muharram with a Sura al Fateha.

Location & Logistics

  • English programme – Hujjat Centre, Stanmore, HA7 4LQ in two separate marquees (1 for Ladies, 1 for Gents).
  • Please wrap up warm! Marquee flaps will be open for natural ventilation and there will be no heaters.
  • Where possible, please do car pool with your immediate bubble to reduce the numbers of cars attending our centre.
  • As always, we must ensure that we are cognizant of our local neighbours. To this end, we humbly request that all attendees ensure that they follow the guidance of volunteers at all times, and actively work to reduce any potential disruption.


  • No registration (registration details below) – No Entry.
  • Masks are mandatory throughout the programme and whilst using Hujjat facilities e.g. toilets.
  • Social distancing will be in place throughout the programme
  • To continue to ensure the safety of all attendees, we recommend that you are double vaccinated before attending the programme
  • To continue to ensure the safety of all attendees, we recommend that you take a Lateral Flow Test before attending the programme
  • Contact tracing measures will be in place.
  • Smoking will not be permitted in the vicinity of non-smokers. A designated smokers area will be outlined during Hujjat programmes at the centre.

Full detailed Hujjat COVID – 19 guidelines can be found here


  • Links to go live at 8am the day before the programme. Please visit hujj.at/register for more details.
  • Tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Registration will close once capacity has been reached.
  • Registration to the Al Zahra Centre programme can be found directly on the Al Zahra Centre EventBrite page.
  • We have made the necessary provisions for a limited number of spaces for Mother and Toddlers to participate and attend the programmes throughout the upcoming Ashra.

Programme timings and live stream

All evening English programmes will begin at 8:30pm from Monday 9th August 2021 with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an (Thursday programmes to begin at 8:10pm).

Ladies morning majlis will begin at 10:15 am from Tuesday the 10th of August 2021.

Programme details can be found on our Hujjat website.  Programmes will also be streamed on our Hujjat YouTube page

By: Mohamedasif

SJ Family Event

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Salaamun Alikum.

We would like to inform everyone about the upcoming Stanmore Jafferys FAMILY EVENT on 25th July 2021 at Hatch End Cricket club.

This will feature the following:

SJ Cricket bonanza which promises to be exciting and is in honour of our past legends of the game.

Fitness events, Volleyball and cycling will also be featuring.  

Plenty of food options available

All families are welcome to attend in what promises to be a fun filled day.

Please refer to the poster or visit SJHUB.ORG.UK for more details.

By: Mohamedasif