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Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A)

In: Ahlul-Bayt

wiladat imam hassan as 2013 wallpaper by dea pride-d6ekd0i

Birth 15th Holy Month of Ramadhan 5 AH in Madina
Titles Al-Mujtaba (The Chosen One)
Death 7thSafar 50 AH in Madina

When asked what piety is, Imam Hassan (A) replied, “yearning for virtue and not longing for this world.

When asked what generosity is, Imam Hassan (A) replied, “donation before request and feeding people during drought.

When asked what dignity is, Imam Hassan (A) replied, “agreeing with friends and maintaining good neighbourly relations.

Wiladat of Our 2nd Imam (A)

Imam Hasan (A) was born on the 15th of Ramadhan in the 3rd Hijrah. His name was suggested by Allah (swt) through a Vahi (revelation) to the Prophet Mohammad (saw) which suggested that since Imam Ali (A) is to the Prophet Mohammad (saw) as Hazrat Haroon (A) was to Hazrat Moosa (A), the name of his child should be on the name of the son of Hazrat Haroon (A) which was Shabbar – meaning Hassan in Arabic. This was the first time that a child was named Hassan.

His Practical Application of Al-Qur’an

Once, a female slave brought a beautiful flower, which had a wonderful fragrance and presented it to her master Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A). Imam (A) was so happy that he (A) instantly set her free. Anas bin Malik, who was present at the time, was surprised and remarked: “Master! You have set her free for such a simple reason?  Indeed we do not see any connection between this flower and her freedom”. Thereupon, the Imam (A) said: “Allah, the Almighty says in the Quran: ‘When you are greeted with a salute, greet with a better one than it, or return it’. (4:86).  She had expressed her feelings and it needed to be responded in a much better way, so I freed her”. (Ahsanul-Muqaal).

His Knowledge

Once the ruler of Rome asked Imam Hassan (A): “Which are the creations which were born without a mother and father or male and female?”

Imam Hasan (A) replied: There are 7 such creations:

1. Hazrat Adam (A),

2. Hazrat Hawwa (A),

3. The lamb which was sent in place of Hazrat Ismaeel (A),

4. The camel of Hazrat Saleh (A),

5. The serpent of Hazrat Moosa (A),

6. Iblees and

7. The crow that taught the method of burial to Qabeel son of Hazrat Adam (A)

His Character and Etiquette

An old man sat to do his Wudhu / Wuzu (Ablution). But his Wudhu was not correct.  Imam Hassan (A) and Imam Hussain (A), the grandsons of the Prophet Mohammad (saw), then two young boys, watched him.  They immediately realized that the old man was not doing his Wudhu correctly, but hesitated to tell him directly. Perhaps the old man would feel humiliated by two young boys, or he might even lose interest in the act of worship.

Sitting next to him, they started to do the Wudhu and during the Wudhu, Imam Hassan (A) said: “Oh Hussain my Wudhu is correct and more perfect than yours.” In reply, Imam Hussain (A) insisted that his own Wudhu was better than Imam Hassan’s. Finally they said: “Let us refer to this gentleman. He is older than us and should be able to decide.”

The old man was listening patiently. The boys performed their Wudhu under his supervision, one after the other. And when they had finished, he realized the Wudhu done by the boys was methodical and correct. It was his own Wudhu which was incorrect. Turning to Imam Hasan (A) and Imam Hussain (A), he gently said: “The Wudhu done by you is absolutely correct. I am grateful that you chose to guide me in such a beautiful manner.”

Article contribution by Marhum Muallim Mustafa Mawjee

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