A’amal for the Day of Ashura

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(1) When meeting fellow brothers, condole them in the following words:

ash1May Allah bestow upon us and upon you great reward for grief of Imam Hussein (A), and make us and you amongst those who will assist Imam Mahdi (ATF) to avenge his killing.


(2) Recite Suratul Ikhlas (x 1000)

(3) Recite the following (x 1000)




O Allah! Send your la’na (curse) on those who killed Imam Hussein (A).”

(4) Pray 4 rakaats salaa in units of 2 rakaats:
(i) 1st Unit:

  • 1st Rakaat: Suratul Hamd followed by Suratul Kafirun
  • 2nd Rakaat: Suratul Hamd followed by Suratul Ikhlas

(ii) 2nd Unit:
1st Rakaat: Suratul Hamd followed by Suratul Ahzaab
2nd Rakaat: Suratul Hamd followed by Suratul Munafiqun

(5) Recite Ziyarat – e – Ashura followed by 2 rakaats salaa for the ziyarat.

The Ziyara is best read under the sky facing Kerbala. Our 5th Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A) told his companion Alqama bin Muhammad that who so ever recited this Ziyara would get the thawaabs of having gone to Kerbala to perform the Ziyara of Imam Hussein (A) The Ziyara is followed by 2 rakaats salaah and a dua known as Dua e Alqama which the 6th Imam used to recite after Ziyarat e Ashura. Shaykh Husayn Nuri in his book “Najmuth Thakib” writes that there was a person called Syed Ahmed Rushid who was on his way to Hajj with two companions. It was winter and one night there was snow and ice accompanied by strong winds. Syed Ahmed got separated from his companions. He says he was trembling with fear and cold as it was a place where people often looted. Suddenly he saw a person with a shovel freeing the tree branches which were burdened with snow.

The man greeted Syed Ahmed saying “Assalamu Alaykum Syed Ahmed! Where are you going?”
Amazed at the person knowing his name he said he was on his way to Hajj but had lost his way.
The man told him “Alayka bin Nafela! Nafela! Nafela!
Syed Ahmed prayed his Maghrib and Isha salaah finishing each with its Nafela.
He saw the man again who asked him, “Have you not gone yet?
Syed Ahmed replied “No!
The man said, “Alayka bil Jamia! Jamia! Jamia!

Syed Ahmed says that I did not know Ziyarat e Jamia by heart but that day I could recite it as though I had memorised it.The man told him, “Alayka bil Ashura! Ashura! Ashura!

Syed Ahmed recited Ziyarat e Ashura and Dua Alqama. The man then mounted on his horse and took him to his caravan and the companions he had been separated from. As he parted he said to Syed Ahmed, “REMEMBER ZIYARAT E ASHURA, THERE IS NO GREATER GIFT THAN IT.” The man was no other than the Imam of our time, Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (ATF).

(6) Recite Dua Alqama

(7) Go back and forth seven times reciting the following each time (just as Imam Hussein (A) did when he was taking Hazrat Ali Asgher back to the camp after he was struck by Hurmala’s arrow.)
Indeed we are from Allah and to Him we return. I accept what He has intended and am content with His order.”

(8) Recite Ziyarat of Condolence at Asr time followed by 2 rakaats salaa for the ziyarat.

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