Islamaphobia Questionnaire

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Dear Community Members,

In recent weeks and months, incidents and stories of ‘Islamophobia’ have been voiced more and more frequently.  Examples have ranged from simple verbal abuse to more malicious and even violent episodes.  

It is difficult to understand the true extent and scope of the problem with merely anecdotal evidence alone.  Therefore we ask members of the public to share with us (with the option of anonymity) their stories.  This will allow us to collate qualitative evidence and better understand the problem.  

We will then consult with the relevant stakeholders to find the appropriate solutions to this growing concern.

The survey is on the left-hand side of the site.  

Should you have any questions please do email  Moreover, if you or a family member/friend have experienced an unpleasant incident and would like to receive support or counsel, please do get in touch.  

With Salaams and Duas
The KSIMC of London
11 October 2015

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