Summary of Friday Khutba: 2nd April 2010

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By nature, Man expresses his love and shows affection only towards one who reciprocates with the same.  And this behaviour declines at the moment any hostility is sensed. The love and affection of Allah (SWT) for His creatures knows no bounds and is unrestricted. Analyse the following two points:

One is that everything in this life is such that if we seriously contemplate upon them, Allah (SWT)’s love and affection will become manifest for us. Allah (SWT) created us and brought us into existence when before that, we were not worthy of any mention – this is His love! He (SWT) gave us ‘Aql and power of speech. With ‘Aql we understand and with speech, we convey our understandings to others – this is His love! He (SWT) gave us parents to take care of us and bring us up – this is His love! He (SWT) gave us spouses to procreate and enjoy each other’s company – this is His love! He took the responsibility of providing us with sustenance – this is His love! The skies brighten up during the day to enable us to study and work; and it darkens up during the night to enable us to rest – this is His love! He (SWT) sent His messengers to guide us towards Him and enforce His laws for our good – this is His love! He (SWT) has appointed Judgement Day and rewards in the Hereafter – this is His love! “So which of your Lord’s bounties will you both (men and jinn) deny?” (55:13).

And the other thing is that in this life, we express our love and show affection mostly to only those whose love and affection in return is confirmed – the love and affection of Allah (SWT) for His creatures knows no bounds and restrictions. It is for all except that the believers will benefit more. It is related that a person was once standing on the banks of a river. He had come to swim when he witnessed an amazing and a very interesting incident: He saw a tortoise preparing to enter the water. Suddenly a scorpion appeared out of a tree and climbed on the back of that tortoise. The tortoise then entered the water while the scorpion sat on its shell. The tortoise moved towards the opposite shore. This man, out of curiosity swam together and went on the opposite side.  As the tortoise reached the opposite bank, the scorpion jumped down and made its way to a nearby tree. The man noticed that near the tree a young man was sleeping in a drunken state without any mental sense. A poisonous snake was circling around him and was about to sting him. The scorpion took a chance and gave powerful stings to the snake, which ultimately died. This way the young man was saved. Having witnessed this, the man woke the youth up to his senses and then narrated the whole story to him; and pointed out the greatness and the kindness of Allah (SWT) on him although he was disobedient. (Lessons from Life) Such is the love of Allah (SWT) for His creatures.

Let us look at ourselves. How many times in this life do we rebel against Allah (SWT)? How many times in this life do we disobey the commands of Allah (SWT)? How many times we do commit actions that annoy and displease Him? Yet, He (SWT) looks at us mercifully and He (SWT) does NOT ONLY increase His favours upon us BUT ALSO protects us from misfortunes! In Dua’ al-Iftitaah, we recite: “How many. O my God, Troubles You have relieved me of, Griefs You have dispelled, Mistakes You have prevented, Blessings You have spread, And series of afflictions You have separated”.


When we are sure of someone’s love and affection towards us, wisdom dictates that we must also reciprocate with love and affection. And one of the ways of doing this is to keep the beloved happy. A righteous man once said in a poem: And love your Lord by serving Him, for lovers are but servants of the Beloved.


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