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Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 10 Aug 2018

In: Lecture Summaries


These two verses discuss one aspect of the Prophet’s personality and the methodology of his mission: his undying concern for the community, regardless of how harshly they rejected him. How the Prophet (S) was from ‘amongst yourselves’ – how he understands your conditions and your life; how he experiences what you experience. ‘…It is grievous to him what you suffer’ – he suffers when you do, in the same way a parent does.

The reason why Islam spread so fast and wide in its earliest days were because the early companions like Salman and Zurarah were Prophet-like in their behaviour. Today we have many challenges, where people have great ignorance toward Islam and Muslims. We too must become prophet-like in our care and efforts toward them; and when attacks happen on the Muslim community we too must feel that suffering of others upon our own selves like the Prophet Muhammad (s) did for his community. This would better help us to understand his own character and the way in which he (s) articulated his mission. 



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