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Friday Sermon Summary: 19 Feb 2016

In: Lecture Summaries

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his progeny) stated to Ameerul Mu’mineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him):
“There are three trends through which a hypocrite can be recognised:
He tends to work tirelessly while in the presence of people, whereas while he is alone he is lazy, and he loves to be praised for the actions that he performs” (mawaidh, shaykh Saduq)

Points of contemplation:
1. It is important to be familiar with such Hadith to ensure I myself do not possess the attributes of hypocrisy
2. 1. It is important to be familiar with such Hadith to ensure I do not get misled/deceived by hypocrites in matters of the deen as well as the duniya
3. To love and to crave praise and public acknowledgment is a form of self worship that in reality emanates from a hidden form of insecurity (weakness)
4. To perform actions with the intention of seeking people’s praise is an action free of ikhlas and undeserving of reward in the akhira
5. If a person is in a position of preaching religion and his primary concern is to seek the people’s appraisals, then he would not hesitate to announce that which is halal haram,and change haram into halal so long as that is what the masses want and will praise him for that!

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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