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Friday Sermon Summary: 22 Jan 2016

In: Lecture Summaries
It is narrated by sayida fatima daughter of Imam al Husayn (peace be upon them both) on authority of Sayeda Zaynab al kubra (peace be upon her): “one Thursday night I observed that my mother spent the entire night from dusk to dawn in a state of prayer – all this time she kept praying for the success and wellbeing – by name for all the mumineen and muminaat – close to dawn,  my brother Hussein (peace be upon him) asked my mother Fatima (peace be upon her): “O mother why do you not pray and supplicate for yourself as you do for others?” My mother Fatima (peace be upon her) replied: ” the neighbours before the people of the house…”

Points of contemplation:
1. The importance of supplicating for others – it is commendable when one may stay up the entire night exhausting himself by supplicating to Allah for his own desires, but when one does the same for others, it reflects the purity of the heart
2. Sayida Zaynab (s) – who is the narrator, was only 5 years of age at the time. This shows us the importance of tarbiya within the household where the parents involve their children while indulging in prayers and supplication. Indeed these are the keys to building a spiritually sound family and community


Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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