Friday Sermon Summary: 22 Jan 2016

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Narrated by Imam abu Ja’far (as): The Holy Prophet (saw) stated: “Indeed I shall be the closest to the Almighty Lord on the day of Judgement and then His book (the Quran) and my progeny, and indeed I shall question you in regards to how you dealt with the book of Allah and with my progeny (Ahlul Bayt) (s)”
(Al kafi, chapter of Quran)

Points of contemplation:
1. The day of judgement is a day of accountability – when we shall be answerable for every action we performed and every word we uttered 
hence we should strive to ensure we lessen our burden on that day by purifying our words & actions in the duniya
2. We are directly answerable to the final messenger of Islam in regards to our relationship with the Quran in the duniya
Did we read and adhere by its teachings in the duniya or not? 

2nd verse of contemplation:

“And We wanted to confer favor upon those who were oppressed in the land and make them leaders and make them inheritors” (qasas:5)
As per the tradition of Imam al Baqir (as) narrated by Al shaybani (al hanafi) in his tafseer al burhan:
this verse is a direct reference to the awaited Imam al Mahdi (aj)
As Friday being the day attributed towards the awaited saviour, Let us attempt to build our relation with Him (aj) by recitation of ziyarat Ale Yasin

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju

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