Friday Sermon Summary: 5 Feb 2016

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The Holy Prophet of Islam (saw) has stated:
“There are seven actions which if performed by a worshipper he shall continue to reap its rewards even after his death: whoever teaches knowledge, channels a river, constructs a well, plants a tree, builds a mosque, leaves behind as part of inheritance a copy of the Quran or leaves behind a (virtuous) child who will seek forgiveness for him after his death”
(Nahjul Fasaha)

It is vital for us to take charge of our destiny by implementing the divine guidance that emanates from the final messenger of Allah (saw) in our daily lives.

Finally we pray to Allah (swt) to grant the innocent victims of the Imam Ridha (s) mosque an elevated position in heaven, and grant shafa’ah to the injured.

Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju


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