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Friday Sermon Summary: 29 Jan 2016

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This week our centre has witnessed two funerals: one of the deceased was in his eighties while the other was in his twenties.

Lessons that we may apply to ourselves based on these two funerals:
1. Death does not distinguish between the elderly and the youth – once the appointed time arrives, there is no extension – even for the blink of an eye
2. It is incorrect to have the mentality that I’ll be be more “religious” when I become elder – there is no gaurantee that I’ll reach that age to begin with.
3. Witnessing a funeral should motivate us to prioritise our religious obligations.
4. Understand & appreciate the value and the blessing of living in a community that gathers together to support and console each other in such times of difficulties

The rewards of participating in a funeral:
Nabi Musa (s) asked Allah swt on the reward for one who gives ghusl to a deceased, whereby the Almighty replied by saying: “I shall purify him of his sins and he shall be (pure) like the day his mother gave him birth
Nabi Musa (s) then asked the reward of participating in a funeral procession, whereby the Almighty replied: “I shall appoint for him particular Angels who shall accompany him with flags (denoting piety) from the time he is resurrected from the grave to the time he is taken the’mahshar’
(Thawaab ul A’amaal, shaykh Saduq)

May Allah swt grant the marhumeen forgiveness & raise them with Ahlul Bayt (s) in the hereafter, and may He grant patience to the families of the bereaved
Surah al Fateha


Shaykh Muhammad Abbas Panju


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