Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 17th August 2018

Last Friday, we introduced our methodology of discussion and looked at verses on how the Prophet (s) reacted to being rejected, and felt when great trials befell his community. Today’s discussion on the Prophetic personality and mission will be to reflect on how the Prophet (s) treated his own community and expected his followers to […]

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Potential Acquisition of a site in Stanmore

RNOHAs many of you would have seen, we the EC have proposed a General Body meeting to discuss the potential acquisition of a site here in Stanmore. The RNOH Western Development Zone is part of the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) site across the road from our Hujjat centre.

RNOH received outline planning for housing development in two areas of its existing site, the Western Development Zone and the Eastern Development Zone. Since coming into office, our EC have been trying to develop a relationship with the stakeholders at RNOH to try and get an early look at some of these sites to assess the appropriateness. Unfortunately, this did not yield the benefit we had hoped, however RNOH have decided to bring to market the smaller of the two sites for competitive bids to be submitted in September of this year.

The site itself conists of c. 18 acres of land. It is currently occupied by:

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Shaykh Jaffer Ladak’s Friday reflections 10 Aug 2018

These two verses discuss one aspect of the Prophet’s personality and the methodology of his mission: his undying concern for the community, regardless of how harshly they rejected him. How the Prophet (S) was from ‘amongst yourselves’ – how he understands your conditions and your life; how he experiences what you experience. ‘…It is grievous […]

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