AHY Eid Gifts for Ramadhan Relief

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For us, Eid marks the day we celebrate. A day that marks the end of a month of fasting. A day that marks a new beginning. For others around the word, there is no change – they face the daily challenge of feeding themselves and their families. What if there was a way for you to help change this? A way that you can help give them a new beginning?

Treat your family and friends as well as donating to a charity all in one go this Eid! AHY present our range of Eid gifts for you to give to your loved ones. All the frame artwork is designed by Fatema Moledina.

All proceeds will go to providing essential food for the most vulnerable around the world including Yemen, Kenya, Iraq. (Through Hujjat Ramadhan Relief)

Delivery included around the UK. Purchase before 18th of May 2020 to receive in time for Eid!

Full range of products can be found on hujj.at/eidcard

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AHY #30K Challenge for WF-AID Ramadhan Relief

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Al Haadi Hujjat Youth are running their #30K challenge for WF-AID’s Ramadan Relief appeal, which provides essential food packs to families living in poverty in over 20 countries around the world

During the Holy month of Ramadan, WF-AID aims to tackle starvation within some of the most heavily-deprived parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We are working with our partners in over 20 countries, including Kenya, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and the United Kingdom. This year, with the onset of the Coronavirus, families who would normally go to community iftars no longer have that option.

Food prices are rising and supply has reduced, making an already difficult task to buy food for the month even harder. The food packs you fund give families a rare opportunity to receive essential nutrition, which they rely on for the strength they need to source water and shelter.

Each individual Food Pack costs just £55 and can feed a family of five for an entire month.

Al Haadi Hujjat Youth, as part of Hujjat are striving to support WF-AID in their pledge to support the campaign to which the aim is to raise £30,000.00 for Hujjat Ramadhan Relief Fund.

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Al Haadi Youth Seminar – Shaykh Nuru

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Sunday 26th January 2020
Ladies and Gents
After main programme

Al Haadi Youth present a seminar with Shaykh Nuru for ladies and gents this Sunday 26th January, immediately after the main program in the main hall.

All are encouraged to attend

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Al Haadi Who Wants to be a Millionaire

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Friday 17th January 2020
Boys only Friday Social

Al Haadi Youth is starting the new decade with Who Wants to be a Millionaire! Our January socials will be themed on exciting and challenging activities.

Join us on 17th Jan to see if YOU can beat the game. Prizes to be won! Our usual table tennis, pool and playstation will also be available.

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Al Haadi Christmas Gift Packing

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Date: Saturday 21st December 2019
Time: 1:30 – 4pm
Ages: Ladies and Gents – All ages. Families are encouraged to attend.

Join Al Haadi Youth with your whole family this Christmas as we prepare, pack and distribute tokens of appreciation for our local neighbours and emergency services staff.

This is a great way to give back to the local community – an opportunity not to be missed!

Refreshments will be served, pizza and chai for all!

See you there!

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Al Haadi Youth Boys Social

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Date: Friday 20th December 2019
Time: 8-11pm
Ages: 11-18 years (Boys only)

Boys Social will take place on Friday 20th December from 8-11pm. Join us for board games, Air hockey, table tennis, consoles and more whilst socialising with friends!

See you there!

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Al Haadi Youth Social

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Date: Friday 8th November 2019
Time: 8-11pm
Ages: 9-18 years (Girls only)

Learn to pitch in front of investors and get the opportunity to create your very own Hujjat initiative! And then, design an outfit good enough to star on the front cover of the Vogue Magazine! “Wait… What’s the theme?” You ask. Well this time it’s all about saving what’s left of our planet, so we can live to write our own futures.

Sign up at: tiny.cc/SistersSocial

See you there!

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Al Haadi Youth Arbaeen Exhibition

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Are you a Zuwaar returning from the journey of divine love in Iraq? Did you unfortunately, not have the opportunity to visit the holy sites of Iraq during Arbaeen this year?

Join Al Haadi Youth as we present Hujjat’s first ever Arbaeen exhibition with a series of photographs and poetry documented by Brother Ayaz Ali and Sister Saarah Bokhari.

Based on the intricate photo-book combined with first-hand poetic expressions of divine love – ‘Arbaeen: A Lens into a Sacred Journey’ follows the journey of zuwaar in the World’s Largest Peaceful Gathering undertaken by millions.

Experience the journey of divine love with the millions.

The exhibition will be held on 30th October 2019 from 7pm- 9pm, for the whole family at Hujjat Stanmore.

The book will be on sale with a special £5 discount and the exhibition frames will also be on sale on the day.

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Al Haadi Youth Mindful Muharram

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Al Haadi Youth present a Mindful Muharram
Brothers are welcome take part in noting down their relfections after all of Shaykh Shabbar Mahdi’s lectures. Post-it notes will be available in the gents marquee.

‘One who supplicates for believers Allah appoints an angel for each believer’ – Imam Kadhim
Sisters are invited to ‘Pray it forward’ – At mosque, we walk past and interact with so many fellow sisters whilst being oblivious to their struggles and pain the same way they are oblivious to ours. This muharram, Al Haadi Youth encourage you to look after a sister by taking some of her burden and making a specific dua for her. All it takes are 3 easy steps

Step 1 – anonymously write your dua on to a card available on the board outside the ELC.
Step 2 – On Ashura night, choose any card form the display board
Step 3 – On Ashura day, take time out from your amaals to make this dua for a sister, as if it were your own.

IA through our love, the mercy of our Lord and the intercession of the martyrs of Karbala, all our duas will be accepted.

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Al Haadi Youth Spiritual Sessions

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Al Haadi Youth present Spiritual Sessions on Saturday 7th September after the main program at 10.30pm. Gents session will take place in Main Hall with Shaykh Shabbar Mahdi. Ladies Session will take place in ELC with Zakira Mahjabeen Dhala. All are invited to attend.

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