Ladies only: Shab-e-Pursaa Programme: Sat 28 Sep 2019 at 6:15pm

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The Ladies YAD (Youth Azadari Drive) section together with the Ladies Tableegh Committee are insha’Allah holding the annual Shabe Pursaa programme on Saturday 28th September 2019 starting with Nyaz at 6.15pm followed by Salaa, Marthiya, Masaaib and Matam, and ending with Ziyarat.

If anyone would like to make a donation towards the Shab-e-Pursaa program, there is a collection box for the program at the ladies treasurers desk.

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Yawm-e-Samarrah 1441: Sat 21 Sep at 7:13pm

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Yawm-e-Samarrah 1441

In remembrance of the destruction of our Holy Shrine in Samarrah and desecration of the Holy Shrines of our 14 Masumeen (A)

on Saturday 21th September 2019

The programme will commence at 7:13pm with Salaa, Niyaz, Soz & Salaam, Marthiya and Maatam

Reciters include Sayyed Zaire Naqvi, Sayyed Raza Abbas Zaidi and Sajid Party

All are requested to attend

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27 May 2019

Notice is hereby given, as per Clause 7.3 of the Constitution, of the following proposed motion to be discussed at the AGM:

“Members hereby resolve that:

(1) our Jamaat and the EC reduce, cease to use, and not permit the use of plastic and polystyrene cutlery and plastic water bottles in all jamaat, BUJU and private functions and all other food and tea events at the Hujjat centre within the next six months from the date of this resolution; and

(2) implement within the next six months from the date of this resolution, suitable workable alternatives to plastic and polystyrene cutlery and plastic water bottles for use within the Hujjat Centre

(3) not permit any donations to the Hujjat centre of plastic water bottles or plastic and polystyrene cutlery from anyone, with effect at the end of six months following the date of this resolution.”

Proposed by Ali Abbas Hirji, Shaheen Merali, Sabira Hasham, Makbul Rahim, Fatimah Valji and Siraj Akbar.

With Salaams and Duas

Musafir Somani
Hon. Secretary
The KSIMC of London

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Security Task Force

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As announced in my Speech on the eve of Wiladat of Hazrat Ali (A). Inshallah we are planning to form a Security Task Force.
We have 4 individuals who have agreed to be part of this group. If you are interested and have the capacity to be part of this strategic group, or if you have knowledge and expertise of bidding for Government bids. Please do let me know. We are looking for both gender.

The Remit of the group will be:
1. To look at our current security, is it fit for purpose and what improvement are needed
2. What are the immediate measures that need to be implemented before Ramadan
3. Medium to Long term strategy
4. Look at grants that are available and to tap onto those resources

Because of the urgency, would like to have recommendations by end of April 2019.
If you know of someone who might have the expertise or might be interested to be part of the group. Please do forward him the above message and/or contact me on 07775 808442 or email me
Munir Datoo

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Mah-e-Ramadhan Recitation

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Those wishing to recite during Mah-e-Ramadhan are requested to send in their request to Deadline is end of Rajab.
Allocation will be done during Shabaan and confirmation will be sent out in Shabaan, InshaAllah.
With Salaams

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Al Haadi Youth Friday Social – Fri 1st March 2019

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Al Haadi Social continues this Friday 1st March from 8pm to 11pm with a workshop by Dr Husein Khaki, Arif Siddiq and Nish Sabur.

*Girls Social will run simultaneously in the ELC. Girls please sign up here:*

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Al Haadi Youth Presents Baraza Corner

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This week in the *Ladies Baraza Corner*, our resident Aalima Dr Masuma Jaffer discusses the all important question on identity crisis: “Who am I?” – Learning from the life and words of lady Fatimah Zahra (SA)

Have you ever wondered whether the Quran is contextual? Or does it apply to all times? How would you explain to people that Islam is a peaceful religion when some verses make it seem otherwise? Join us to talk about these questions and more with Sheikh Bahmanpour in this week’s *Gents Baraza Corner*

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Al Haadi Youth Live Football screening – Sun 24 Jan 19

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Join *Al Haadi Youth* on *Sunday 24th February at 2pm* for what promises to be a blockbuster day of football. First watch 4th place Man Utd as they take on title challengers Liverpool, then witness Chelsea take on a Man City side that recently thumped them 6-0, in the Carabao Cup Final! *For both ladies and gents*

Then join us at 6:30pm as we head to a seminar hosted by inspirational minds – “Beyond IQ: How Emotional & Social Intelligence can make the REAL difference”. Open to ages 14-25 only.

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