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Constitution Review Complete

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1) All family and life memberships now have TWO votes for the family: one for the husband and one for the wife. Previously this was only one. Family (or life) membership covers a husband, wife and any children under 18 years of age. Children living at home over the age of 18 require their own membership (both boys and girls) and once married, require family membership.

As a result, women are encouraged to take an active part in Jamaat affairs, exercise their independent vote at elections and general meetings and stand for elections in their own right.

2) Elections take place TWO WEEKS BEFORE the AGM. On the day of elections, ballot boxes will be open from 10:30-19:30 with the counting and results announced thereafter.

3) Nominations close FIFTEEN DAYS BEFORE the elections and all candidates are required to provide a short CV or, in the case of presidential candidates, a manifesto. These will be circulated to members a week before the election. Please ensure you have signed up to the Jamaat mailing list (here) to be notified of these announcements.

4) To conduct elections, a 5-person Electoral Commission is elected. Usually, this will happen at an AGM but for this first round of elections, these will be elected at an SGM to be held on Friday 21 April.

5) AGM’s will now take place on the first Sunday in June, from 10:30 (up to 19:30 if needed). In 2017, this is Sunday 4 June 2017. All are requested to attend

6) The new Executive Committee will consist of the Chairlady and at least another two female members. These three positions will be elected by LADIES ONLY. All other positions on the EC are open to both male and female members and will be voted for by both male and female members.

7) There will be no new life members. Existing life members will retain their membership status but no new applications will be considered.

Please do read through the full text of the new constitution; should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

With Salaams and Duas

Akil Kanani
Hon Secretary
The KSIMC of London

07 April 2017

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