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Motions with Notice: AGM 14 June 2015

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Dear Members

Salaamun Alaykum

Please find below, motions with notice received in time for tabling at the forthcoming AGM on Sunday 14 June 2015, under agenda item 10.

1. “It is hereby resolved that the Executive Committee elected at the 2015 Annual General Meeting will use all reasonable endeavours to reconvene constitutional meetings soon for the deliberation of the amended constitutional clauses and rules with a view to adopting the amended Constitution and Rules by 31 December 2015.” Proposed by Aqeel Merchant.

2. “A small group of our community members, having closely followed the purchase, management and administration of the KSIMC’s property at Grove Vale in Ruislip over the last 15 years, has important points to make to the General Body to protect the interest of the Community and submission of a proposal to achieve the objective.” Proposed by Dr Amir Lakha and Seconded by Alhaj Shaukat Harji and Alhaj Rafik Mawji

3. “It is hereby resolved Not to grant a new lease of KSIMC’s property at Grove Vale Ruislip.” Proposed by Dr Amir Lakha and Seconded by Shaukat Harji

4. “It is hereby resolved to form a sub-committee to deal with comprehensive Strategic plan of Grove Vale Ruislip property.” Proposed by Dr Amir Lakha and Seconded by Shaukat Harji

5. “In light of two previous applications for our school having been rejected, resulting in considerable time and resources being expended, it is hereby resolved that a Special General Meeting be called within six weeks of this meeting to consider the viability of this project.” Proposed by Mohsin Kaba and Seconded by Riyaz Mamdani

6. “IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED that Resolution 2 passed at the Special General Meeting held on 28 November 2014 be rescinded.” Proposed by Shabir Mamdani.
7. “IT IS HEREBT RESOLVED THAT in connection with the purchase and development of the property known as C&L Country Club, the Executive Committee shall not enter into the sale of or placement of a charge, lien or the raising of debt over existing Stanmore and Ruislip properties.” Proposed by Shabir Mamdani

With Salaams and Duas

KSIMC of London

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