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Dear Members,
Assalamu Alaykum.
I hope you are all well inshAllah.
First and foremost, salutations to you all on the on the birth anniversary of the lady of light Fatema Zahrah (AS).
Secondly, in terms of our Constitution – Clause 6.4.6 ii) mentions the calling of a General Meeting within one month of the current EC being dissolved – for the election of the new EC – although the type of General Meeting is not specified.
Therefore after having discussed the matter at great length during an emergency EC Meeting, it was resolved to hold an EGM for the election of a new EC.
An EGM is defined under Clause 5.2. Clause 5.2 i) provides that an EGM shall be called by the EC as and when necessary.
Clause 5.4 provides that at least 21 clear days notice needs to be given, together with details of the matter to be transacted at the EGM – shall be circulated to all members entitled to receive such a notice and shall also be posted upon the notice boards of the Jamaat (including website).
Therefore in view of the above, we hereby give you 21 days notice to hold an EGM for the election of a new President, new Office Bearers and a new EC – as this has become necessary.
Details as follows:

Date: Saturday 02nd June 2012
Time: 8pm
Venue: Hujjat Centre
Agenda: Election of new President, new Office Bearers and a new EC Team
At this time, we are finalising the election process, and will provide you with these details shortly.
In the interim period, we look forward to your continued support as we attend to the urgent matters of the Jammat.
With Salaams,

Kassam Jaffer
Hon Secretary
For and on Behalf
of KSIMC of London

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