Hujjat Safeguarding Panel – About Us


Senior Designated Officer: Farzana Karawalli
Deputy Designated Officer: Aquila Rajwani
EC Representative: Safia Tharoo

Panel Members:       

Farzana (Hirji) Karawalli

Social worker with experience in child (child protection) and adult (safe guarding) within Hertfordshire county council. Learning disabilities nurse with experience of working in harrow and Hertfordshire council with experience of dual diagnosis, and experience of working in residential settings.

Jenny Moledina

Mohamed Mishal Mohamed
Management consultant who has worked with a number of local authorities in redesigning their children’s services functions and safeguarding practices.

Nazima Kassamali
Deputy Head of Radiotherapy Service UCLH – responsible for implementation, training and continual monitoring and auditing of safeguarding policies, procedure and issues with regards to patients, carers and staff at all levels.

Zahid Datoo
Owner and operator of Care homes and Home care for Adults including dementia and learning disabilities in Hampshire. Regular interaction with Service Users and Local Authority Safeguarding teams.

Sajida Rashid
Designated Safeguarding Co-ordinator for IMS. Responsible for Continual Professional Development in safeguarding and Risk assessment ensuring the safety and welfare of all children. In house training and promoting shared learning with staff, parents and carers.

Representatives from: Stanmore Jafferys, Hujjat Saturday Workshop, Islamic Montessori School, Shia Ithna’asheri Madressa, Annexe boys team.