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Marriage Registration Procedures

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Planning a wedding is quite a challenge so this section will take you through the basic process. Our centre is an approved venue for Civil ceremony, which is conducted within the Islamic sharia, and performed: Monday to Sunday between 9:00am and 5:00pm only

Salient points for a Civil ceremony at KSIMC of London:

Legal Preliminaries – Notice of Civil Partnership
1. The first stage is to check the availability of the Authorised Person plus venue and make the booking.  
2. Then make an appointment for you to individually give notice of marriage at the register office in the area(s) where you live. The notice is a legal declaration that you are both free to form a civil partnership, which must be signed by each of you in the presence of the registration officer. You cannot ask a relative or friend to give notice for you. Both parties to the civil partnership must have lived in that borough for at least seven days prior to giving notice. At the time of booking an appointment, please inform them the venue as ‘Hussaini Shia – Islamic Centre, Stanmore’.
3. Obtain a registration / nikah form from www.hujjat.org. Without the completion of this form your venue booking cannot be confirmed.  
4. It normally takes 21 days for the register office to grant you a certificate (Licence) for marriage, which is valid for 12 months.  You should thereafter reconfirm your venue booking with Jamaat Office.
5. For administrative purposes, copy of the certificate (Licence) will be required by Jamaat Office at least one week before the ceremony is booked to take place, and it is your responsibility to make sure this is done.     
6. Both parties must arrange for a person to recite Nikah at the Civil ceremony, even if this has already been done before.  
7. A set of Jamaat forms will need to be completed and signed before the ceremony can proceed.  
8. The cost of the Jamaat’s Nikah certificate is £10, the hiring of the hall is £50.00 per session and the registration and wedding certificate costs £40.00. (In accordance with the register office guidelines). These prices are correct at the time of going to press and may change in future.    

The original Certificate/s (Licence) will be required by the Authorised Person on the day of Registration without which the ceremony cannot proceed under any circumstances.    
Nikah ceremony at KSIMC of London:
1. Check your membership status and update if necessary.  
2. Book the date.  
3. Complete the Nikah / Registration form, without which you will be unable to get a confirmed booking, and pay deposit.
4. Speak to the head of catering and get the menu organised well in advance.    
5. Book Nikah Reciter(s).
6. It is your responsibility to give the programme of events for the Nikah day to Jamat Office at least a week before the ceremony.  
7. Settle the Invoice for the Nikah ceremony.  

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