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ELC: Ashra-Muharram 1437

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The Hujjat ELC will be marking the remembrance of Ashra-e-Muharram 1437 from Wednesday 14th October 2015. During the first Ashra, our guest speaker will be our very own Sheikh Abbas Jaffer. Sheikh Abbas Jaffer is world renowned, having delivered lectures and Majalis and recited in various cities around the world in English. His topic for the series will be “Characteristics of the community of Imam Mahdi (atf).” He will be referencing his lectures to the Prayer of the 12th Imam. Click here for the link. 
During the ELC Ashra-e-Muharram series this year, the ELC will be introducing a new approach to make lectures more interactive and engaging. Thanks to the support of the Hujjat AV/IT team, we have set up system that will allow attendees to vote on questions posed by Sheikh Abbas during the lecture each night, using their smart phones; with the results appearing in real time, live on a screen in both the gents and ladies sides. The Programme Managers will provide instructions to attendees each night during their announcements, in order to ensure maximum participation by all present.

This is a new approach being introduced by the ELC and if successful, we can build on this moving forward inshAllah. Furthermore this is not to take away from the sombreness of the Ashra-e-Muharram commemorations and on that basis there will only be one question posed each night half way through the lecture and as usual, each lecture will conclude with Masa’eb and lead to Nawha.

Finally we look forward to welcoming all attendees to the ELC during the upcoming series inshAllah.

May Allah (SWT) accept all of our A’amals and ensure that we remain motivated and inspired to keep the Azadari of Imam Husayn (AS) alive and ongoing forever.

Hujjat ELC Managing Team

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