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Hujjat Housing Scheme Affordability Assessments

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There are many young families and couples who continue to struggle to get on the housing ladder and are limited by their ability to raise a deposit. The Hujjat Housing Scheme works by allowing first time buyers to receive a 100% mortgage from a lender with the assistance of Hujjat who deposit up to 10% of the purchase price in a savings account for a period of  time. 


We are please to announce we have arranged a session at Hujjat with a Barclays Mortgage advisor. If you are interested in the scheme and would like an affordability assessment to see how much you can borrow to purchase your first home you can attend and discuss your options with Barclays. The session will be on Monday 7th October from 7-10pm. We would highly encourage those who are interested in applying for the Hujjat Housing Scheme to attend. 


There have been some changes to the terms offered by the lender who are now allowing up to four people to be added to each mortgage. They are now also offering up to 35 year mortgages. If you have looked into the scheme previously but were unable to benefit you may now be able to.


If you would like to know more about the scheme more information is available at 



If you wish to attend please email us at mortgage@hujjat.org to book a slot


With Salaams and Duas

The Hujjat Upliftment Team 

By: hmistryh
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