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The longest total lunar eclipse since July 2000 will occur on Wednesday June 15, 2011
As the moon rises above the south-eastern horizon shortly after 21:00 BST it will be fully eclipsed by the Shadow of the Earth in space. It may be difficult to see as it will probably be quite dark.

The eclipse will last for around another hour and it will get easier to see as it gains altitude. By 22:00 BST the Moon will be passing out from the Earth’s shadow and by 22:30 BST will appear quite strange as half of it will still be eclipsed and the other half will seem much brighter. It will all be over by just after 23:00 BST

Total lunar eclipses occur when the Earth passes directly between the sun and the moon, casting a deep shadow through which the moon then travels through. From the Earth, the moon will appear to darken and turn a deep red before eventually returning to normal.

Salaatul Ayaat recommended to be recited between 21:30 and 22:00 BST (British Summer Time).

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