In the Event of Death…..


When death occurs in a family, the Jamaat through its Mayyat
Committee takes the responsibility of organising the funeral.

Service provded by the Mayyat Committee include transporting the
Mayyat to Hujjat Imambara-Stanmore, Ghusal, Kafan, Dafan and Siyaka

Please note that the family will need to obtain the burial
certificate before the burial can take place.

If the deceased is part of the Burial Fund, the fund will take
care of the bulk of expenses. However, please note that there are certain expenses
that are not covered by the Burial Fund, for example, if the Mayyat has to be
moved to a funeral director the cost of transfer and storage of the Mayyat is
not covered by the Burial Fund.

If the deceased is not an active member of the Burial Fund, the
Burial Fund will not cover the cost of the burial and related expenses.

Point of contact

As soon as death has occurred, please inform the Jamaat Office on
020 8954 6247 during office hours or on 020 8385 7817 when the Jamaat Office is
closed. Alternatively contact Anwarbhai Jagani on 07798 867786.

Information required when phoning the Jamaat Office

  1. Name of
    the deceased, with correct spelling (as registered at the hospital)
  2. Age,
    Date of Birth, Residential address and Telephone Number
  3. Name,
    Address and Telephone Number of Next of Kin and relationship to the
  4. Cause
    and place of death
  5. Contact
    telephone number of the member of family coordinating the funeral
  6. Your
    choice of cemetery (Brookwood, Carpenders Park, North Watford, or Woodcock

Death certificate

You are required to obtain two certificates (Death Certificate and
Burial Certificate – green certificate) without which no burial can take place.

death takes place at home

Phone the GP, who in turn will either issue a Medical Certificate
of Death or may refer the case to a Coroner.

If Death occurs when the GP is closed, please ring 111. The 111
doctor will confirm the death and provide a ‘confirmation of death’ letter. You
will still need a Medical Certificate of Death from your GP, before you can register
death and get a burial Certificate and Death Certificate.

For sudden or unexpected death please ring 999.

the death takes place in hospital
– then the Resident Doctor will
issue a a Medical Certificate of Death or may refer to a Coroner.

the case is referred to a Coroner
–  the Coroner will carry out all the necessary
investigations and will then issue a a Medical Certificate of Death or will
carry out a post mortem and will then issue  a Medical Certificate of Death. Please note,
that if the Coroner decides to do a post mortem, then you have no chance of
dissuading the Coroner. It is better if you request the Coroner to carry it out
as soon as possible.

Alternative to a Post Mortem you can request for MRI scan (There
is charge for it which the family have to bear and is npt covered by the Burial

Burial certificate

On obtaining the  Medical
Certificate of Death, take it to the Registrar nearest to the Hospital (check
with the Hospital) and register the death. The Registrar will then issue a
green coloured Burial Certificate (burial can only take place after you have
obtained the Burial Certificate).

If death has taken place in a hospital, sometimes a Registrar in
the hospital issues a white coloured Burial Certificate. Alternatively you may
have to register with the borough where the hospital is situated.

is essential that you bring both the Death Certificate and the Burial Certificate
to the Jamaat Office before the burial can take place.

Burial Time

Mayyat committee will arrange for the Mayyat to be brought to the
Imambara. Please bear with the Mayyat Committee, as they will not be able to
bring the Mayyat to the centre, unless the burial certificate has been issued
and a burial slot has been allocated. We do not have appropriate freezer
facilty to keep the body at the centre.

The timing of Burial will be confirmed after discussion with the family
and availability of a slot at the family chosen cemetery. After Namaz janaza,
the gents would accompany the janaza to the cemetery, whilst the ladies stay
behind at the centre. When the Gents return to the centre (between 1 and half
hour to 3 hours, depending on location of the cemetery), the Ziarat Majlis
takes place at the centre.

Please do let the Mayyat Committee know, if you want any of your relative
to recite, Quran, Yasin or Talqeen.

House, Cemetery Pales, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey GU24 0BL
Hill Cemetery, Shrubs Lane, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 1PD
Carpenders Park
Cemetery, Oxhey Lane, Carpenders Park, Watford, Hertfordshire WD19 5RI
Watford Cemetery, North Western Avenue
Hertfordshire WD25 0AW