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Hussaini Volunteering Bank (HVB)

When you drive into the mosque you are directed by a CPV, you sit in the program run by the mukhi whilst downstairs in the Kitchen, chai is being made to be served to you at the end.

What do all these things have in common?

Our identity as a community runs on the foundation of people volunteering their time. Unfortunately this ethos surrounding the institution of volunteering seems to have faded away, especially amongst the younger members. This needs to be revived now more than ever. Why does the largest KSIMC community in Europe struggle to find volunteers?

On the surface it may not seem this way as our programs run seamlessly, children at madressa are taught and in the unfortunate event of a death Ghusl is performed. However, there is a dire need for committed volunteers especially from the younger generation. The issue may not be because people don’t want to volunteer their time, it could be because they have wanted to volunteer but don’t know how to get involved. We have identified that people find it hard to get involved as they may not know who to contact or how to get involved.

What are we doing about this situation?

Hussaini Volunteering Bank(HVB) is an initiative that has been set up for attendees, members, Hujjat and SJ teams to have a medium of communication between the volunteers and teams. HVB has identified crucial areas whilst working with the current SJ and Hujjat teams, where there is a lack of volunteers. Why should current volunteers have to worry about what will happen if they are not there?

The perfect situation would be to have members on a rota, we understand that this may not be possible for everyone. Maybe you can volunteer an hour or two of your time a week or HVB can store your details in our database, and when needed the admin team can call upon you for events such as: MAMT, Ramadhan, Muharram and other mosque events.

Stanmore offers a variety of volunteering roles to the general public where members can utilize and harness skills and experience from their work and education. HVB gives you the freedom to choose where you would like to volunteer your time.

We welcome anyone who is 16 and over from both ladies and gents to fill out the form below. Make sure to include your skills, interests and availability as this will help us to match you with the right team. Alternatively you may already know what you want to do and we can put you in direct contact with that team. HVB will never turn down someone who would like to volunteer. Sign up as a volunteer: http://hujj.at/hvb

The philosophy of HVB is “Giving back to the community, that has given us so much,” It was how our forefathers achieved in building the centre we currently have, a great embodiment of this spirit was Marhum Mulla Asghar M M Jaffer.

HVB has the full backing and commitment of both Hujjat and SJ at all levels in achieving our goals from this initiative, we hope we can count on having the commitment of our members.

Thank you,
HVB Team