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Thursday, 08 December 2016 8 Rabi Al Awwal 1438



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Thursday 8 December 2016
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Latest News

Hilal Statement for London, UK : Dhul Qa’dah 1437AH

The next new moon occurs on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016, at 21:44 BST. On this day it cannot be seen with the unaided eye in any part of the world.
On Wednesday, 3rd August, 2016, it can be seen with the unaided eye in parts of South America. In London, UK, the crescent will be seen with the unaided eye first on Thursday, 4th August, 2016.
For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) 1st Dhul Qa’dah, 1437AH, will be on Friday, 5th August, 2016.
Important dates for this month:
Monday 15th August    11th Dhul Qa’dah    Wiladat Day of Imam Ali Ridha (A)
Friday 2nd September    29th Dhul Qa’dah    Shahadat Day of Imam Muhammad Taqi (A)

Iraq Relief: Appeal for Victim Support

Later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?
it answered
(Warsan Shire)

The World Federation adds its voice to the growing calls of condemnation following the recent blasts in the Karrada District, Baghdad and Balad in Iraq.  It is now imperative upon us a community, to help the victims in whatever manner we can. Humanity dictates that we must come together and counter these evil and inhumane actions with love, kindness and compassion towards those impacted by their violence.  

The festival of Eid turned into mourning for thousands in Iraq as they struggled to make sense of this tragedy. Children who were doing Eid shopping with their parents suddenly became orphans, their lives torn apart in a matter of minutes.

The country and the people of Iraq are struggling to cope with the aftermath of this catastrophe and at a moment like this, as human beings we need to rise in solidarity with our fellow Muslims. The World Federation has launched an Appeal For Victim Support as part of the Iraq Relief Fund and is appealing to you, our worldwide community, to support us in bringing some relief to the victims.  With your donations, we will provide direct humanitarian aid to those who been most affected by this attacks in the Karrada District and Balad.

The President of The World Federation, Dr Moledina said: ‘These attacks by Daesh have torn Iraq apart. They have created a sense of bitter sectarian division and our response to this should be to focus on spreading tolerance and kindness where ever possible. The World Federation has a strong track record in Iraq with many excellent relationships and we will work to help the victims of both recent attacks in the Karrada District and Balad. Please donate today to help the families of the victims to re-build their lives.

Ahkaam Series: The Islamic Burial (Workshop)


Date: Thursday 14th July

Time: 7:45pm-10:45pm (in collaboration with the main Yawm e Gham Program)

Venue: Gents & Ladies Hall, Hujjat Stanmore

Details: This is a great opportunity to see a live demonstration of HOW the the Ghusl and Kafan is given, as well a chance to understand the rationale of WHY certain actions are performed. There will also be invaluable experiences shared by members of the Burial Committee, so be sure not to miss out!

Will include unique Q&A session after salaat, seperate, for Gents and Ladies.

Submit and questions or queries in advance via: www.jafferys.org/ask 

Programme as follows:

7.45pm Holy Quran
7.50pm Sura Yaseen
8.00pm Dua Kumayl
8.20pm Lecture Sheikh Panju (Yawm e Gham + Islamic Burial linked talk)
8.45pm Talk (on The Islamic Burial) Sheikh Bahmanpour
9pm Live Demonstration
9.24pm Salaat
10pm Burial commitee talk incl Q&A
10.30pm Ziarat-e-Warith
10.40pm Tabarruk

Hilal Statement: Shawwal 1437AH

The next new moon occurs on Monday, 4th July, 2016, at 12:01 BST.

On Tuesday, 5th July, 2016, it can easily be seen with the unaided eye in Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

On Wednesday, 6th July, 2016, it can easily be seen with the unaided eye in Europe.
For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) residing in the UK, EXPECT 1st Shawwal, 1437AH, to be on Thursday, 7th July, 2016.

We have received news from the Office of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani in Najaf that Eid-ul-Fitr for Muqallideen residing in Northern Asia, Europe (including UK) and Scandanavia will be marked on Thursday 7 July 2016.

Overflow Arrangements

As we approach the last 10 nights of Qadr and Amaals, please see the overflow arrangements as below.

Amaals will be conducted in the Main Hall and will be relayed to ALL areas.

1st overflow will be in the Basement and the Middle room (Salaat, Iftar and Amaal)
2nd overflow will be Annex 1st floor (Salaat, Iftar and Amaal)
3rd overflow will be 2nd floor main building followed by ELC 1st floor 3 front room (Amaal  only)

Contingency arrangement will be the patio adjacent to Bait-us-Salaa (Iftar and Amaal) (subject to weather condition).

ELC 1st floor and side rooms will be utilised, as standard, by Ladies, contingency Ladies overflow will be Nursery classes.

Special needs
Room next to Security Hut is for special needs group. (Amaal)

With Salaams and Duas
Operations Council

The KSIMC of London

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