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Saturday, 22 July 2017 26 Shawwaal 1438



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Saturday 22 July 2017
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Latest News

Muharram 1438 Speakers

The KSIMC of London wishes to announce the following Zakireen who will deliver discourses during the First Ashra Muharram series:

wasihasankhanUrdu: Maulana Wasi Hasan Khan
Hujjat-ul-Islam Maulana Wasi Hasan Khan was born in Faizabad, India in 1969. After completing his initial education, he left for Qum in 1983. He graduated from the seminary in Qum in 1990. Since graduation, Maulana has been involved in various tableegh activities in different parts of the world. In addition to these, he has been teaching Arabic to college students. He is the current principal at Wasiqa College in Faizabad, India.
Topic: "Maqsade Qeyam-e-Imam Husayn aur Zindagi Guzarne Ka Islami Tariqa."

shaminrastaniEnglish: Shaykh Amin Rastani
Shaykh Amin Rastani was born and raised in the United States of America. After finishing high school, he travelled to Qum in 1999 to pursue howzah studies in the Howzah Ilmiyyah of Qum and has been there ever since.

Due to references by scholars in the US, he was able to get into one of the top schools therein, and graduated from the six-year introductory level, which included years of Arabic syntax and grammar, logic (mantiq), Islamic theology (kalaam), Islamic rulings and law (ahkaam), Islamic history, jurisprudence (fiqh), principles of jurisprudence (usul al-fiqh), and other disciplines, after which, he began the intermediate level of fiqh and usul al-fiqh studies comprising of the valuable works of the late Shaykh Murtadhan al-Ansari, namely the ‘Makaasib’ and ‘Rasaa’il’ series, and the philosophy of the late Allamah Tabatabai, spending years on these studies as well. He is currently at an advanced level of fiqh and usul al-fiqh studies under His Eminence, Ayatullah Sayyid Mahmoud al-Hashimi al-Shahroudi. Sheikh Amin also has a master’s degree in Semitic religions from the University of Religions and Denominations of Qum, with a dissertation on the Code of Canon Law (Catholicism). In addition, Sheikh Amin is a teacher of the Howza and lectures internationally on various occasions of the Islamic year.

Topic: Reflections on Ziyarat-e-Ashura

Zakira Taherabai Ahmed Jaffer
will deliver Majaalis in the Ladies Hall during the Morning sessions. Residing in Mombasa, Taherabai has been active in the sphere of tableegh for over 40 years. Her foremost passion is the madressa and the teaching of community children of all ages. Taherabai is also very actively involved with Bilal Muslim Mission and educating converts about Islam. Upon invitation, Taherabai also lectures around the world in Urdu, Gujarati, and English during the months of Muharram and Safar. Her particular area of speciality is Fiqh.
English topic: Five fundamental principles for success in dunya and aakhira.
Urdu topic: O human being! Recognise thyself!

Zakira Taherabai Kassamali from Toronto will deliver Majaalis during the Evening sessions in the ELC for Ladies Only. Originally from Kenya, Tahera Kassamali works as the Outreach coordinator and Instructor at the Academy for Learning Islam, in Toronto Canada. As part of her work, she conducts onsite and online Islamic courses, holds workshops, and conducts spiritual retreats for ladies and youth. Along with her husband she runs Tayyiba Publishers which has published children's Islamic workbooks and Dua books for special occasions. Taherabai has a B.A. with honors in English literature from the University of Alberta and a B.Ed from the University of British Columbia. She has also studied in Qum. She brings many years of experience as a lecturer in the community and teacher at Islamic schools.
Topic for Muharram: Enhanced well-being through attachment to God - a discussion on Islamic concepts of closeness to God that promote spiritual and psychological well being.

Hilal Statement: Dhul Hijjah 1437AH, London UK

The next new moon occurs on Thursday, 1st September, 2016, at 10:03 BST. On this day it cannot be seen with the unaided eye in most parts of the world.

On Friday, 2nd September, 2016, it can easily be seen with the unaided eye in Central, East and South Africa, as well as South and Central America. On Saturday, 3rd September, 2016, it can easily be seen with the unaided eye in Europe and the rest of the world

For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) expect 1st Dhul Hijjah, 1437AH, to be on Sunday, 4th September, 2016.

Important dates for this month:

Fri 9 September: Shahadat Eve Imam Muhammad Baqir (A)
Sun 11 September: Shahadat Eve Hazrat Muslim (A)
Mon 12 September: Roz e Arafah
Tue 13 September: Eid ul Adha Day
Sat 19 September: Wiladat Eve Imam Ali un Naqi (A)
Tue 20 September: Eve Eid e Ghadeer
Sat 24 September: Shahadat Eve Sons of Hazrat Muslim (A)
Mon 26 September: Eve Eid e Mubahila

Darul Qur'an: New Ladies Classes

Darul Quran w’al Itrah is pleased to announce a new beginners Quran recitation class for ladies for 10 weeks starting from 5th September 2016.

Where:​ Hujjat Stanmore
Day and time: Every Monday 10:30am-12:00pm

Places are limited

Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for registration

The deadline to register for the class is 31st August 2016.

Hilal Statement for London, UK : Dhul Qa’dah 1437AH

The next new moon occurs on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016, at 21:44 BST. On this day it cannot be seen with the unaided eye in any part of the world.
On Wednesday, 3rd August, 2016, it can be seen with the unaided eye in parts of South America. In London, UK, the crescent will be seen with the unaided eye first on Thursday, 4th August, 2016.
For the Muqallideen of Ayatullah ul Uzama Syed Sistani (May Allah Protect him) 1st Dhul Qa’dah, 1437AH, will be on Friday, 5th August, 2016.
Important dates for this month:
Monday 15th August    11th Dhul Qa’dah    Wiladat Day of Imam Ali Ridha (A)
Friday 2nd September    29th Dhul Qa’dah    Shahadat Day of Imam Muhammad Taqi (A)

Iraq Relief: Appeal for Victim Support

Later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?
it answered
(Warsan Shire)

The World Federation adds its voice to the growing calls of condemnation following the recent blasts in the Karrada District, Baghdad and Balad in Iraq.  It is now imperative upon us a community, to help the victims in whatever manner we can. Humanity dictates that we must come together and counter these evil and inhumane actions with love, kindness and compassion towards those impacted by their violence.  

The festival of Eid turned into mourning for thousands in Iraq as they struggled to make sense of this tragedy. Children who were doing Eid shopping with their parents suddenly became orphans, their lives torn apart in a matter of minutes.

The country and the people of Iraq are struggling to cope with the aftermath of this catastrophe and at a moment like this, as human beings we need to rise in solidarity with our fellow Muslims. The World Federation has launched an Appeal For Victim Support as part of the Iraq Relief Fund and is appealing to you, our worldwide community, to support us in bringing some relief to the victims.  With your donations, we will provide direct humanitarian aid to those who been most affected by this attacks in the Karrada District and Balad.

The President of The World Federation, Dr Moledina said: ‘These attacks by Daesh have torn Iraq apart. They have created a sense of bitter sectarian division and our response to this should be to focus on spreading tolerance and kindness where ever possible. The World Federation has a strong track record in Iraq with many excellent relationships and we will work to help the victims of both recent attacks in the Karrada District and Balad. Please donate today to help the families of the victims to re-build their lives.

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