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Thursday, 19 July 2018 5 Dhu Al Qa'dah 1439



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Thursday 19 July 2018
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Hujjat Friday Social

Social barazaThe Friday night social is back with a bang! 

Our vision was to offer a relaxed, fun and social environment that will engage the mind, promote team working and public speaking skills fostering brotherhood and unity. The response has been overwhelming, with more than 100+ attendees engaged. 

For brothers aged 11+, there is various games to be enjoyed like miniature pool, table tennis, consoles, football tournaments and martial arts. Further, with the addition of a 30-minute ice breaker during each event, it is a great chance to make new friends and strengthen bonds within the community.  

For brothers aged 18+, there is the introduction of the brand new Baraza corner, where scholars and attendees will have informal discussions on the most current social and religious issues that we face as individuals and as a community. 

Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam- Recipient of Excellence Award

tehsin KassamDr Tahsin Ali Kassam- Recipient of Excellence Award

On the Eve of Wiladat of Bibi Fatema AS, the community recognised the effort of Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam and awarded him with the Excellence Award.

Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam  has spent the last 4 years at The Welding Institute in Cambridge where, during his doctorate, he made significant scientific contributions to the field of materials science and engineering - in particular to the field of joining technology.

He refined a process to make the chemical bonding of metals to advanced ceramic materials more reliable and cost-effective. The innovative contributions will allow for the desirable properties of both materials to be used reliably in a single component.


thumbnail IHBDC


Over 70 people donated blood at KSIMC of London centre on Sunday 18th March

“Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah] from that which you love. And whatever you spend - indeed, Allah is Knowing of it. “

The Holy Qur’an 2:92.

This year, the annual Sadaqa day took place on Sunday 18th March 2018. This is a day which encourages Muslim communities to give their time to engage in various charitable deeds. Whether this is raising money for charity, donating clothes or visiting the elderly, there is something for everyone to get involved in.

Inspirational Minds host 3-part series on mental health

Healthy minds health souls.

Inspirational minds hosted a 3 part series aimed at looking at emotional wellbeing through stages. The keynote speaker was sister Berak Hussain – a psychotherapist from Canada. It was a series of bite sized chunks of information that met the needs of every attendee. The events were interactive and despite the adverse weather we alhamdulillah had attendance in high numbers from all sections of the community. Following the events, we have received a member of referrals for support in different areas of need.

The psychology of knowledge and development.

The session looked at combining psychological theories of child rearing with the phenomenal wealth of knowledge found in the detailed traditions from the Ahlul Bayt (as). There was a strong emphasis on the central role of seeking knowledge for both men and women, and how this allows us to become contributing members of society.

We explored in detail through questions and answers how to explore the concept of self.

Where do I fit in? What are my goals? Is the parent allowing the child to explore? If parents push the child, then that child may develop some confusion in their identity. How do we let our children explore when there are external forces? How do we gently and sensitively enforce our Islamic values?

The concluding advice was that as parents we need to foster love. We can’t expect our child to do everything we say at eighteen if we don’t foster a relationship of love and friendship. By successfully forming attachments and relationships with others, individuals are able to experience love and intimacy - if this doesn’t happen, they feel isolated and alone.

The Leaning Wall of Stanmore

On Friday 9th February, the length of time the Berlin wall was demolished exceeded the total time the wall had been up. In order to celebrate the occasion, the General Body voted to finally bring down their own wall which was clearly past its prime.

As many of you have noticed, the leaning wall in the ladies car park (affectionately known as the leaning wall of Stanmore) is being dismantled to enable safe reconstruction. We have been forced to close the road on Wood Lane however we were fortunate to time this in half term to reduce the disruption to the local residents.

We are grateful to Husayn Mawji for his hard work in facilitating this unique challenge and Harrow Council and the local Highways team for their support in enabling us to make our centre safer for our community. 


Property Team have a guided tour of the Centre

In seeking to understand the art of the possible within the current Stanmore site, one the principal tasks that the Property team has undertaken, was to take a walk around he Stanmore site to understand the condition of the building. Syed sahib was kind enough to act as our tour guide, steering us through all the various boiler rooms, classrooms and even the bridal suite. 

The most notable thing when walking around the site highlights the impressive way we have utilised the full breadth of the building. It is truly inspiring to see us expand and encourage our community to proactively occupy all elements of the building for multiple different uses throughout the year.

However, our extensive usage of the building and the years of heavy service that the building has given us, has shown its impact on the wear and tear on the fabric of the building. There are visible signs of serious issues on the site that need to be addressed. It is normal for a building of this age, however this has to feature in the short-medium term plans for our community centre.

What we have realised as a team is that a significant amount of money will need to be spent on this site in order to maintain the status quo. The Property team will need to assess this carefully against future plans in terms of longevity of this site as well as expansion plans and delisting conversations. 

Our thanks to Syed Sahib for taking the time out to show us around and if there is anyone that has a particular skill set in this area and is able to help than please reach out on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

An insight into EC meetings

The Executive Committee for KSIMC of London met on the 23rd of January for the second time this term.

This time, the meeting was moved to the main hall in Hujjat due to other events in the Annexe. Alhmadulillah for the second time we were able to have a full house with the enthusiastic team in full attendance. Even those not physically able to be here were able to dial into the meeting from far flung corners of the world and actively participate.

As is customary the first item on the agenda was the confirmation of minutes from the previous meeting. Speaking to members of previous EC’s, there is always the horror stories of meetings that head late into the night and offer only Fajr as a respite from the debates and discussions. Therefore, the team has decided to actively try to manage meetings to ensure discussions are focused and targeted. This may have been thwarted by the presence of chai, donuts, fruit and other snacks.

This month, the agenda was packed with updates from the team, projects and initiatives looking to be launched and insights reported back. The threat of Fajr loomed closer and closer and it seemed nothing could dampen the enthusiasm that comes in with a new team. Sweat could be seen dripping from the Chair’s face in trying to power through the agenda.

Donuts and chai consumed and armed with a full dose of guilt, the health board decided to pipe up and comment on how the EC should lead by example. This resulted in the EC agreeing to sign up en masse to the WF 10,000 step challenge and actively encourage our community to live a healthier lifestyle.