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Monday, 28 May 2018 12 Ramadhaan 1439



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Monday 28 May 2018
Imsaak02:25 Fajr02:35
Sunrise04:54 Zohr13:04
Sunset21:05 Maghrib21:15
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Event: 'Eve 7th Muharram 1439 (Hadhrat Qasim (A)' Print
  Jamaat Programme
Regular Jamaaat Programmes
Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - 7:45 pm
Repeat Event: Detached from recurrence

7.45PM Salaat ul Maghribayn
8:15PM Holy Quran recitation Zuheir Pirmohamed
8:20PM Announcements
8:25PM Marthiya 1 Mustafa Muraj
8:32PM Marthiya 2 Kazim Kassam
8:40PM Majlis in Urdu Sheikh Mujahidali Sheriff
Attributes of Believers who are pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with them
9:40PM Taboot Imranali Khaki
9:45PM Maatam 1 Imranali Khaki
9:52PM Maatam 2
10:00PM Maatam 3 Wasim Fazal
10:07PM Ziyarat
10:10PM Tabarruk
ELC Parallel Prog Rugby Marquee
7:45PM Salaat ul Maghribayn
8:15PM Holy Quran recitation Mohammedkazim Kanji
8:20PM Marthiya 1 Aliakber Dewji
8:27PM Marthiya 2 Muhammad Shoeib Hassan
8:35PM Announcements
8:40PM Majlis in English Sheikh Bilal Husein
Application of faith in today's world
9:40PM Taboot Ilyas Govani
9:45PM Maatam 1 Abbasali Rajabali
9:52PM Maatam 2 YAD
10:00PM Maatam 3
10:07PM Ziyarat
10:10PM Tabarruk
Ladies Parallel Programme ELC
same format as above
Lecture Zakira Taherabai Kassamali
Society and the growth of the individual
Boys(4-11) Parallel Programme Annexe
same format as Main Hall
5 Min Talk Farhan Muraj
Lecture (4-7) Sister Fatema Lilani and
Sister Zainab Assadi
Lecture (8-11) Brother Mohammed Kazim Kanji
Girls(4-15) Parallel Programme Annexe
same format as Main Hall
Lecture (4-6) Sister Fatema Hameer
Lecture (7-11) Sister Fatema Habibi
Lecture (12-15) Sister Mohsinah Datoo

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