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WF Conference/Toronto: Delegates

In: COEJ News

Follow-up email communication received on 28 September 2009 from Shabbarbhai Dhalla, Secretart of CoEJ:

In respect of your email about WF’s rationale of allocating 20 seats at the Conference. You will be aware that all federated members are allocated 5 councillors, who sit on the Executive Council for the duration of the World Federation term in accordance with their Constitution. These are the five councillors, who are presently representing CoEJ at the various WF EXCO’s and will sit as Councillors at the Conference. In addition to that, the World Federation looks at the total number of heads in a region with a maximum cap of 15 delegates, in accordance with their constitution. Any regional member can have a maximum representation of 20 people (5 Councillors and 15 Delegates – based on population).

All these matters were fully considered and deliberated by the Executive Committee at the last meeting and the Executive Committee felt that the fairest way forward was to allow one delegate from each Jamaat and if there were more spaces, then they would be offered to the Executive and additional spaces offered to Jamaats at the president’s discretion.

Follow-up email written to CoEJ by the Secretary of KSIMC of London, Mohsinbhai Kassam on 02 October 2009:

Dear Shabbar,

Salamun Alaykum,

On behalf of the EC and members of KSIMC of London, we acknowledge receipt of your mail in which you notify us of the Executive Council decision on distribution of delegates between members to represent CoEJ at the forthcoming WF Conference.

We are dismayed at the blatant inequitable and unfair distribution of the delegates between the existing members. Your proposal in no way reflects the respective representation of grassroot membership.

Large Jamaats, in their duty to represent their membership, should automatically be entitled to delegates that correspond to their size. We feel the decision to have one member for every Jamaat – even if there are as few as three or five households in that Jamaat – is an insult not only to the larger Jamaats, but also to the operations and structure of the World Federation.

We would like to resort to referring to a Clause in the WF Constitution:

10. Representation at Conference

10.1 Each member regardless of the number of individuals within itself shall be entitled to send one representative as delegate to the Conference provided that where the number of individuals within a member exceeds one thousand (1000) then such member shall be entitled to send one additional delegate for every one thousand (1000) individuals in excess of the one thousand within such member, provided that the total number of delegates shall not exceed 20. However, where the member is a Regional Organisation, the total number of delegates shall not exceed 20;

Before federating with CoEJ, we were informed that our representation through COEJ would not change.  You will recall that KSIMC of London representation prior to federation was five Delegates.  It would now be a hard task to explain to our membership as to how and why the five are reduced to a meager one. We are also surprised that such an important decision was made at the Council level and not at a full fledged conference.

We urge you to seriously reconsider the reinstatement of our rightful five representatives in the WF Conference.

Moreover, we are also opposed in setting the precedent of allowing the President, at his discretion, to appoint delegates. This is also unfair and allowing too much power to the CoEJ President at the WF level.

Should you find it not possible to reinstate our five delegates, we will have no choice but to take measures that may not augur well with the spirit of our institutions and fraternal working.

We trust and hope you will see reason and allow fair representation.

We await your response.

With Salaams and Duas

Moshin Kassam – Secretary, KSIMC of London, Stanmore


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