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pressreleasewfThe World Federation of KSIMC strongly condemns the recently released anti-Islam amateur video that tarnishes the status of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

The film portrays the Holy Prophet of Islam in a distorted and false manner, along with being abusive and insulting. Such content is nothing but an attempt to create discord and spread false hatred amongst humanity. Scholars and thinkers of repute agree on the elevated status and stature of the Holy Prophet and regard him with respect, acknowledging his unparalleled contribution and service to humanity. Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) upheld the principles of Islam promoting equality, inclusivity, tolerance and respect for all religions.

The World Federation rejects all efforts to smear the religious beliefs of others and urges all Muslims to follow the command of the Holy Quran in practising self-restraint and not resorting to violence, especially when provocations such as the instance of this film are released in the name of freedom of speech.

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