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Chair Lady Election Results

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My dear elders (on the ladies side) and sisters,

Assalamu Alaykum.

On behalf of our President Al-Haj Kakaji and the EC Team, we congratulate Tahera Bai Kassam on her victory, following the recent Chair lady elections. Our commiserations to Anar Bai Mawji, who very graciously accepted the result – she led a hard fought campaign and we congratulate her efforts.

We also commend the hundreds of you who showed up to cast your votes and decide on your leader for the next two years inshAllah.

However the time and place for campaigns and spirited contest has passed. It is now time to put aside personal disagreements and abandon the politics of divisiveness and instead focus on the core issues that matter most to our community. We trust therefore that you will all offer Tahera Bai Kassam and her new team, your unequivocal support so that she and her team are able to fulfil all of their promises to you – inshAllah.

We look forward to welcoming Tahera Bai Kassam and one other female representative onto the main EC, as well as working alongside all of you, in line with our pledge of being inclusive of “women” in the running of our community – inshAllah.

With Salaams and Duas,

Kassam Jaffer

Hon Secretary

For and on behalf of
KSIMC of London

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