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Girls Annexe classes: Update

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Salaam Alaykum to all Parents,

We would like to inform you of some changes that are taking place to the structure of the Girls Annexe classes.

1. The classes now run as per school academic year: 4-6 yrs (Reception-Yr2); 7-11yrs (Y3-Y6); 11+/12-15 (Y7-Y9)

2. The new classes starting for GIRLS aged 11+/12 yrs old (Year 7 academic year) – 15 yrs old (Year 9 academic year), will be running parallel with the other girls’ classes and Main Hall/ELC lecture. The classes will be located in the rooms known as the “Bridal Suite” on the 2nd floor. The first class will commence on Bibi Sakina’s Wafat, on Thursday 10th November, 2016.

Please continue to check the Hujjat website for class dates and any updates, or for further information, please contact Sister Sajida Chandoo

3. Mothers need to collect the 4-11yr olds from their regular respective girls classes upstairs. The new age banded class (11+/12 yrs old (Year 7 academic year) -15 yrs old (Year 9 academic year) will be dismissed and will come to mothers/carers independently. Please advise them as to where you would be seated so they can find you.

4.The 11+/12-15yr old classes classes are running on a trial basis, in attempt to encourage attendance by our young girls, with lectures pitched correctly at their level of understanding. Space allowing, Inshallah we will try to facilitate these classes in the future too.

Thank you for your patience and supporting us.

Girls Annexe Team

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