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My Dear Members,

Assalamu Alaykum.

I hope you are well inshAllah.

 First and foremost, wishing you all a Mahe Rajab Mubark – “the month of Allah” where He has said:
 “…and I have made this month a rope between me and my servants, so whomever holds on to it will reach me.”  

Let us pray for each other during these very special days and nights and above all for oneness and unity within our community – Ameen.

Secondly, as you know, the outgoing EC Team are handing over to newly elected President – Shabir Bhai Mamdani and his new EC Team inshAllah.

Therefore on behalf of the outgoing EC Team, our very heartfelt thanks to you all for you support, guidance and encouragement that you have provided us with – especially over the last month – as we have worked tirelessly to keep this ship – our community – afloat and above water. The level of support we have received from the community has been truly humbling and we have been touched by the outpouring of well wishes that has been expressed.

We have faced testing and challenging times, but the current EC have endeavoured to protect and maintain Jammat affairs to the best of our ability, in the community’s time of great need – with the community’s best interests at heart and purely for the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

On that note, a very special thanks to ALL current EC Team members and Trustees for their unconditional and selfless services during this time:

·       Br Zameer Nazarali – Asst Sec

·       Br Haider Alidina – Hon Treasurer

·       Br Hasnain Kermali – Asst Hon Treasurer

·       Br Bashir Pirbhai – Mukih

·       Sister Sagira Bai Kanji – EC Member / Chairlady

·       Sister Aziza Bai Ladak – EC Member

·       Br Hasnain Juma – EC Member

·       Br Jawad Asghar Esmail – EC Member

·       Anwar Bhai Jagani – Trustee

·       Sultan Bhai Gowani –Trustee

·       Roshanali Bhai Mawjee – Trustee

Thank you also to all of our former team members, for your services during your time with us.

It has indeed been a very steep learning curve for us as an EC Team and what we have come to recognise is that serving the community is like an endless journey. Despite any paltry step that we may or may not make towards progress, we realise that we will never actually reach the end of the journey as the needs and expectations of those we are serving are continuously changing and evolving. However this, far from discouraging, only adds to the determination and persistence of the climb and keeps us motivated to continue serving FeeSabililah.

Our community is a remarkable institution and we are extremely proud and feel honoured to have been able to serve you over this past year. Please also do forgive us for any shortcomings. If we have offended or upset anyone during our tenure, that was never our intention and we ask for your forgiveness. Inshallah we can all move forward as one united community – under the leadership of Shabir Bhai Mamdani and his new EC Team.  Shabir Bhai will inshAllah captain this ship – our community – to newer waters, with energy and vision and we wish him and his team, all the very best.

There is still much work to do in the area of compliance – i.e. Safeguarding, HR and Employment Law, Policy and Procedures, Health and Safety, Charity Law etc. Specifically in terms of Safeguarding, as promised, a strategic Steering Team will be put in to place to lead the Safeguarding Panel and to work alongside the new Executive Committee of the KSIMC of London. One of the first tasks of the Panel will be to approach all those who have applied to assist with matters of Safeguarding in our Community. Rest assured the Panel will work diligently to progress the matter of Safeguarding and achieve a robust and universal approach within our community. Therefore please watch this space.

Overall it has been a great experience serving our community over the last year – may Allah (SWT) accept our service and provide us with further opportunities to serve moving forward inshAllah.

Thanks one again for everything.

For the very last time….

With Salaams and best wishes,

Kassam Jaffer

Outgoing Hon Secretary

For and on Behalf of the

Outgoing Executive Committee Team of the KSIMC of London (2011 – 12).

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