Ayyame-Fatimiyya 1432AH

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A rejection by the British Embassy in India to grant a visiting visa to our Urdu recitor for the Ayyame Fatimiyyah has compelled our Mukhi sub-committee to make last minute changes to the programme during the forthcoming Ayyame Fatimiyyah.

The programme will now be complete English programme (including the Masaib) for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during which all programmes will finish before Salaatul Maghribain.

Saturday, being the wafat day, is when we will have our main Wafat programme before Salaatul Maghribain and there will be an Urdu Majlis in the main hall with a parallel English programme upstairs in the ELC.

The EC has tried its level best to try and arrange for Urdu sessions during these important days, but owing to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to do so.

Any inconvenience is sincerely regretted.

With Salaams and Dua’s

Moshin Kassam

Hon Secretary

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