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Vice President’s Eid Address

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With this in mind, the Hujjat Assistance and Community Services, in short HACS, have initiated a project of collating database of members who have unfortunately been made redundant or lost their jobs otherwise and they have  requested members who are employers or may know of any external companies or enterprises that may have vacancies which can be filled with the talents within our database to email details to hacs@hujjat.orgor contact the Jamaat office.  The Jamaat looks forward to the promotion and utilization of this service to assist our fellow members. Allah always look after those who make efforts to assist others in their hour of need.

This year we witnessed the tragic scenes of the devastation caused by the floods in Pakistan. This community was very forthcoming with assistance during the month of Ramadhan when the initial appeal was launched. The life saver boxes collected were timely distributed to the victims. Brothers, as with every disaster after the initials stage of relief, the second stage of relief work requires more funding as it is about providing the dignity back to the victims.
Situated within Jammu and Kashmi , in the Pakistan side is Nelum Valley which is less developed than the Jehlum valley. This area was very badly affected by the earthquake in 1995 and in 2010 this valley was one of the starting points of the floods and therefore has been affected again. We have today braved the cold weather by seeking comfort from the warm clothes and this nicely heated centre, a luxury which is not available to those living in the freezing mountains of Kashmir which have already seen the snow. As Eid is all about reflection and understanding the needs of others, the jamaat is embarking on a project to house and provide permanent shelter to around 95 families in this valley .The cost of each dwelling is approximately £ 1,000, which is comparably higher than for other parts of Pakistan due to its altitude and remoteness.  Our target is collect £ 95,000 towards this project of which we have already collected approximately 30%. I urge momineen to take this opportunity to earn sawabe jari and the reward of the hereafter and donate generously generously so that we can reach our target. Contributions can also be made towards part of a house.

The Jamaat has also been undertaking various renovation and repairs works to the centre so as to maintain the building and provide as much comfort as possible. We may have during the course of these works inconvenienced members and on behalf of the EC would also like to apologise for this inconvenience caused, especially during the laying of the pavement in the ladies section as well as renewal of the heaters in the centre. The Jamaat will also appreciate any contributions towards this renovation cost.

The recitation and learning of Quraan is one of the most fundamental activity of this centre and we take pride in providing this facility be it at the beginners level or more advanced Tajweed classes. Our boys and Girls this year did exceptionally well during the competition held at the Islamic Centre in Maida Vale earlier this year. We will be having our own Quraan Recitation completion for both boys and girls (Ages 7-21 ) with finals being held on 5th December. As parents, you are encouraged to enrol your children in the competition. Further details and registartion forms can be found on the hujjat website.

Another year is over and we are again approaching the months of Aza and the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (AS). We are honoured to have the following to spiritually inspire us during the

The recitors for this year are:
Muharram Ashra
Urdu – Mawlana Syed Safi Haider
English – Sheikh Murtaza Alidina
Ladies – Mulyani Anjum Muqaddam (Provisional)
Asharae Zainabiyya 
Urdu – Mawlana Syed Zaki Bakri
English – Sheikh Abbas Jaffer
The Jamaat as always relies on the generosity of the members to facilitate the functions during the two months of Azha. The cost per day, based on approximately 30 Majlises is £810. This cost includes the Fares, Hadyas and accommodation for the recitors. If you wish to sponsor any of these nights then please contact the Jamaat office, myelf, Riyaz Merali, Sajjad Tejani or Taherabai  Kassam. The Muharram Nyaz fund is also open and please contact the Treasury, ladies treasurer or the Jamaat Office. It goes without saying that the Jamaat relies on the generosity of  the members in order to facilitate the majalises and lectures.

At this juncture , I would like to request for a sura Fateha for all marhumeen who were with us last year but are now more dear to Allah, especially those who gave their lives to the service of this community and we also pray that for the safe return of those who have undertaken this journey of Hajj to the house of Allah.
Sura e Fateha. Lastly, I would to leave you with a thought for reflection

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

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