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On Wednesday 16th September 2009 (eve 26th Mahe Ramadhan 1430), 51 boys between the ages of 7 and 21 took part in the HQRC – Hujjat Qur’an Recitation Competition.

We are pleased to announce the top 5 in each age category who advance to the final round. (NB: order of names do not reflect the results. Age 7-10 will have 6 contestants in the Final Round due to a tie in the results.)

Age 7-10         Age 11-15:           Age 16-21: 
Name    Name Name 
Mehdi LilaniHassan Meghjee Muhammad Datoo
Mohammed HusseinMustafa Ramji Ahmed Kaab
Murtaza MamdaniMohammedkazim Kanji  Salman Pirmohamed
Haider VirjeeSultanali Rashid Amirali Merali
Sajjad DatooMahdi Manji  Ali Kanji
Zamin Manji

Final Round for Age 16-21 took place on SUNDAY 20th September 2009. The date for the Final Round for the other two age categories is yet to be confirmed. Please check the website for future updates. Awards ceremony for ALL age categories will be on the Eid Celebration evening.

For the final round, the boys will be given a random passage to recite infront of a panel of 3 judges for 3 minutes, and will be graded according to: Tajweed, Makharij, Fluency and Style of recitation.

Those boys not listed above wanting to find out their individual marks, please contact one of the co-ordinators (Br Ali Bachoo or Br Ali Abbas Rahid).  

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