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Hujjat EC Steps Up to the 10k Challenge

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4,000. 4,000? 4,000!

It came as a shock to me. There I was merrily advising a succession of patients to walk more and aim for the magical 10,000 steps, yet all I had managed that day was a paltry 4,000 steps. The pattern repeated itself the next day and the next. It was only until I started monitoring my own activity levels a bit more diligently with the aid of a Fitbit device that the extent of my sedentary lifestyle struck me. Yes, I played the odd game of squash. Yes, I kicked a football around with my boys. Yes, I walked to the waiting room for every patient to call them in by name. However, despite all of this I was not even close to hitting 10,000 steps in a day.

On a daily basis I was seeing patients the same age as me, some perhaps younger, being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, raised cholesterol levels and obesity. In a sense I began to see myself in all of these individuals, sitting on the opposite side of the desk to me.

The disease of inactivity takes full advantage of South-East Asian genes and very quickly prevents you from fitting into your jeans.

I decided to do something about it. I did not want to be a statistic. I invested in a standing desk to use while doing my admin. I incorporated a brisk 30 minute walk into my day accompanied by a colleague. I joined up to a group of like minded friends from the community for some healthy competition and managed to convince my family to challenge themselves too. I now regularly hit 10,000 steps per day and feel all the better for it (and the blood results speak for themselves!)

The value of making health conscious decisions with the support of a group of friends and community cannot be understated. This is why the Hujjat EC applauds this groundbreaking initiative led by our local fitness guru Dr Mahmood Mawjee on behalf of the World Federation. 

The philosophy of prevention is key to the Health, Social and Welfare Board’s approach to improving the health of the community. We were staggered to learn that just 20 minutes of walking a day cuts your risk of premature death by almost a third. 

We urge you to join the EC in signing up to the 10,000 Steps Challenge and join us in looking forward to weight loss, reduced risk of heart disease, strengthened bones, increased strength, improved sleep and so much more!


By Dr Tauseef Mehrali (EC Member) 

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