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Madressa Enrollment 2010

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Salaamun Alaykum,

New students Registration for calendar 2010 has been brought forward to November 2009. The purpose of the change is to allow us to commence classes as early as possible in the New Year and to minimise any loss of time. With this change, your son/daughter can go directly to their class when they start Madressa on 10 January 2010.

New students must complete the enrolment form available on our website (www.madressa.net). Alternatively, the form can also be obtained from Madressa office.

All completed forms together with your payment (£40 per child) should be returned back to Madressa between 8 and 29 November 2009 and placed in the special enrolment boxes that will be made available during Madressa hours. We will confirm your space by 6 January 2010.

Please note: Your child must be 4 years of age by 30 Jun 2010 for being eligible to start Madressa 2010. Please make all cheques payable to “S I Madressa”, and write the child’s Name on the back of the cheque. It is VITAL you include your child’s Name. Alternatively, you can post the completed forms, and the payment directly to Hussaini Islamic Centre, Wood Lane, Stanmore, HA7 4LQ.
Madressa will also be enrolling new students for Arabic and Farsi Classes. Both Adults and Juniors are welcome.  If you need more information, please contact us on admin@madressa.net.

Enrolment letters/forms for existing students have been posted this week and you should receive them in the next couple of days.


If you have any queries you can contact us at admin@madressa.net or visit us during Madressa hours.

With Salaams,

SIM Admin

Key Dates for 2010:

  • 10th Jan 2010: Madressa reopens for Term 1 (Normal classes)
  • 31st Jan 2010: Madressa closed for Ashre Zainabiya
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