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Notice: Open Meetings (Shura)

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Dear Members,
Salaamun Alaykum

To facilitate greater communication between the Jamaat and members, a number of Open Meetings (Shura) will be held throughout the year. These will be on various themes or tagetted at various sections of the community. Insh’Allah they will allow members an opportunity to ask the Executive questions about the runing of the organisation and allow the EC to share more information with members.

The first Shura will be held on Wednesday 2nd September for LADIES ONLY. This will start at 8.20pm (after Salaat) in the Ladies Hall. The Chairlady and female members of the Executive Committee will be available for ladies to share their thoughts on the centre management.

The second Shura will be held on Friday 4th September for both Ladies and Gents. This will start at 7.52pm with Salaatul Maghribayn in the ELC 1st Floor. The topic of discussion will be the C&L Club Property Project. The Property Committee will share the latest developments with the community and further discussion will be had regarding its progress and direction. This session will be an opportunty for the community to hear information that is not possible to share on the website. There will be no live broadcast. As a project of great importance to the community both men and women are encouraged to attend.

With Salaams and Duas

The KSIMC of London

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