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PosterSC From the makers of iSistani, this Ramadhan sees the launch of a revolutionary Shia Muslim oriented iOS mobile/tablet application. Bringing together features which have never been developed in an app previously. Features include:

– Over 6400 lines of prayers and supplications
– Includes Ramadhan Du’as
– Arabic manually checked for errors
– Continuously corrected and updated with new data
– Accurate Salaah times
– Adhaan timer
– Qadha tables (fasts and prayers)
– Accurate Qibla compass
– 2 in 1 Calendar (Gregorian and Islamic)
– Tasbeeh counters
– Free lite version and much much more…

Download now: 

Be the first to know when updates are available, including news on the Android version of the app, and have a say in what you’d like to see in future releases. Further information available at

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