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1. The EQ.IQ school has NOT yet been registered by the Department of Education (DfE) – who are the ultimate decision makers with regards to the registration of the school; although the inspection has been carried out by Ofsted (an inspection body, who report back to the DfE).

2. Based on the DfE’s recent correspondences to us, the DfE clearly state that “…the school has not yet met the standards.” Furthermore there are a number of matters outstanding and the DfE have given us 2 months in which to resolve these matters.
The EC has deliberated extensively on this matter and many meetings and discussions have ensued with all those involved in the setting up of the school as well as with the previous Office Bearers (OB’s) of KSIMC of London.

At an Executive Committee meeting of KSIMC of London, held on the 15th July 2011, it was resolved by an overwhelming majority NOT to proceed with the school on our premises as of September 2011. This was a collective decision of the EC.
The main reasons are as follows:

  1. Time constraints, to achieve and meet all of the requirements in time for a Sep 2011 start
  2. Space constraints – this is a major issue, as we are already struggling for space
  3. An increase in traffic at the centre, as the number of cars during peak times would increase
  4. Funding of the school and the long term sustainability of this project
  5. A fair selection process both for the pupils and teachers, requiring a robust policy to be developed
  6. The selection and appointment of a Principal and Board of Governors
  7. Adequate training, CRB checks and the relevant Child Protection policies
  8. Other Governance requirements, considerations and policies
  9. Appointment of the Proprietor Board and all of the legal issues to include advance checks etc

While the entire EC is unanimously in favour of the concept of a school in principle, it was decided that such a school should happen only on more suitable premises and only after a consultation process with the public, at some point in the future, in line with EC priorities.

Rest assured we are continuing with the registration process, in order to secure a 4 digit DfE number and a unique reference number for the school, for possible use in the future, in order to function as a “registered” and “fully operational” school. In the meantime however and according to the DfE, we can be “registered” but “non operational”, for a period of time, so long as we keep the DfE informed of our intentions. Therefore once the registration of school comes through in the near future, we will have a period of time in which to become operational in the future, so long as we keep the DfE informed. Furthermore this will NOT have an impact on our registered DfE number.

Finally on behalf of the Trustees, the EC, the Ladies Committee and all Volunteers, we wish you all a Mahe Ramadhan Mubarak InshAllah.
With Salaams and duas    

Kamruddin Khaki (Kakaji)

President – KSIMC of London
For and on behalf of EC of KSIMC of London

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