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Eid Mubarak – VP’s Eid Message/Speech

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Salaamun alaykum

On behalf of the president, myself, the EC, trustees of the jamaat and the various volunteers, I would like to wish you and your families, Eid Mubarak!

We are gathered today to mark the occasion of this auspicious and joyous day of Eid – ul- Adha as it celebrates an event that took place over 2000 years ago in the outskirts of Mecca.
What is it about this event that Allah liked so much that it has become part of the 
Islamic calendar to be marked by Muslims of every generation?

What lesson does Allah want us to learn from it?

If we analyze it in depth, we can see that what was common in the two prophets’ response to the dream, was sacrifice. H. Ibrahim was willing to give up his son who was born after a long time, for the pleasure of Allah and H. Ismail was willing to sacrifice himself in order to please Allah.

Allah loved this spirit of sacrifice in both of them and therefore, as a remembrance to this great sacrifice, He has made this act a part of the Hajj rituals.

In the same way Allah has preserved the remembrance of the supreme sacrifice of Imam Husein on Ashura day as Allah says Remember me and I will remember you.

We as a community make up a very insignificant part of this globe yet we have managed to preserve our identity as well as religion even when faced various major upheavals such as mass migration and disasters.

We are here today because of the sacrifices of our fore fathers so as to ensure the continuity of our community and preservation of our faith. The survival and success of our community worldwide and this centre of ours is based on the selfless services and sacrifices made by the members.

The parents, who give up their time to bring their children to the centre so that they may become good Muslims.

The teachers, who sacrifice their quality time with their families so that they may be able to impart knowledge to others.

The community workers, who gave up their leisurely time so that may assist in providing facilities for the members.

The various volunteers who forgo their comforts so that they can make our stay in this centre a comfortable one and last but equally as important are the individuals who sacrifice part of their wealth so that we as a community can enjoy the best of facilities.

On this Day when we are celebrating the spirit of sacrifice of Prophets Ibrahim and Ismael, I would like us all to reflect on the sacrifices given by many of our brothers and sisters and we pray to Allah that he grants them all a long and healthy life in this world and a lofty abode within the vicinity of Aba Abdillah Al Husein in the hereafter.

I also would like to take this opportunity to mention the services of two of our members who were in their own manner the best ambassadors for Stanmore.

1. Muhsinbhai Dharmasi , whose services for Stanmore jamat will never be forgotten. As you are all aware that he and Huseinbapa Dharamsi have migrated to Bhavnagar, India and the reports we have received to date are that they have settled well and Bapa is virtually pain free and does not his wheelchair any more. We pray for their health and long life.

       2. Marhum Mohamedhuseinbhai Manek who symbolised the principle of time
            Keeping and made this centre well renowned for this. His left a very high
            Standard for our future mukhis to emulate. May I request you to recite sure  
            Fateha for Marhum Mukhi Saheb, Marhum Mullah Asgher, past presidents and 
            Community workers who are no longer with us and all marhoomin.

Azadari, which is the core of our faith, needs to be promoted within the youths of our community and in response the EC embarked on Project YAD (Youth Azadari Drive) to promote better understanding of the Azadari and supreme sacrifice of Imam Husayn. The first stage of this drive, which was launched on the eve of Eid Al Fitr, was to create young recitors and alhamdullialh the participation from our boys and girls has been very good and they have already had opportunities to recite in the main hall in the last few weeks. May Allah reward those who are making this drive a success and make this project go from strength to strength.

We are also looking at ways of enhancing the Tabligh work being carried out in and outside this centre and as part of  increasing  these activities, the Jammat is organising a Husayn day on Sunday 10th February 2008 . We will be inviting local politicians, local councillors and people from various religions and denomination with the aim of explaining the sacrifice of the Imam to non shias and non Muslims. If you have neighbours, friends or for that matter work colleagues who may want to know about Ashura and why we commemorate it then please feel free to invite them , the invitation cards are available at the jamat office.

Following on from the Shura meeting, where there was concern about the level of Quraan recitation within our community, we are looking at ways to address this and inshallah will keep you informed with any developments.

The various messages from our Marja e Taqleed , Ayatullah Sistani, regarding the use of our mother tongue at home and in our centres was also discussed. To address this we are looking to facilitate Gujrati classes and if there is a good response from the community then these will be held at our centre on Sundays at 9.00 am. Please contact the secretariat at Jamat office for registration.

Brothers, as custodians of this community the EC is very much aware to the needs this community. The fast pace and demanding life that we now live has brought in more challenges. We cannot hide from the fact that we are facing many social problems and instead of brushing them under the carpet, we need to address them. The EC has therefore dedicated a good part of the next Shura Meeting to take place after the Eid Ghadeer celebration next Friday the 28th to discuss the issue of marriages in our community.
Your full participation, especially from the youths, mothers and fathers of  this community will ensure that we can discuss this issue thoroughly.

The Month of Muharram is approaching and the Jamaat has invited the following reciters:

1. Mawlana Dawdani for Urdu,  Ashar e Muharram
2. Sheikh Usama Al Athar for English , Ashra e Muharram
3. Zakira Taherabai Jaffer for Ladies ,Ashra e Muharram
4. Mawlana Zaki Baqri for Urdu , Ashra e Zainabiyya
5. Sheikh Khalfan for English, Ashra e Zainabiyya
6. Zakira Nahid Akhtar for Urdu, Ashra e Zainabiyya

The Zakirs and Zakira fund is open and the cost per day which includes all the Hadya, tickets and providing facilities is £ 810 and your generosity towards meeting this cost will be appreciated. Please contact myself, Riyaz Merali, Sajjad Tejani or the Chairlady if you wish to make a contribution towards this as well as the Husayn day project.

The Jamat 2008 calenders will be on sale from Tomorrow for £1 and I would like to thank all those who assisted in compiling this.

Our treasurer, Salimbhai has asked me to request members to fill in gift aid forms when making donations as for every £100 donated, the Inland Revenue will donate £ 28 to the Jammat at no extra cost to the taxpayer, it is not everyday that the taxman is willing to open his cheque book, so please help us in taking advantage of this.

Lastly, the latest reports we have from CoEJ hajj mission and all the other hujjaj groups is that they are safe and well and we pray for their safe return

In light of the spirit of Sacrifice, I would like to end by saying that it is Sacrifice that leads to Unity and Unity my brothers, is the key to progress.

I leave you with these words to ponder over,



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