Electoral Commission Statement & Nomination Paper Deadline Reminder

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Dearest members of our community. 

Salaamun Alaikum, 

As the forthcoming Elections are nearing (Sunday 6 September 2020). We the Electoral Commission wish to remind all candidates that nomination papers must be received via TODAY: 

Friday 21 August 23:59 (GMT) 

No further nominations shall be accepted after this date. 

Monday 24 August the Electoral Commission shall publish the list of prospect candidates, their respective C.V.s; and for the post of President their Manifesto. 

The Electoral Commission has scrupulously deliberated on the method of voting for the forthcoming elections. Extensive consideration for electronic, postal and in-person voting was given including safeguarding measures and suggestions from members of the community. On the balance of risk and probability it has been unanimously agreed that voting shall be contactless and in person. This decision was made to ensure the highest level of safety is afforded to all members in our community whilst maintaining a fair and impartial process. Our team has tirelessly worked to create a safe environment and method that garners confidence and support from all members irrespective of age, health and personal circumstance. 

Key features to note are: 

  • You must remain in your vehicle at all times within the grounds of the centre (including rugby carpark)
  • PPE will be worn by all CPV, Volunteers and Electoral Commissioners. 
  • A one-way system with guided assistance shall be provided by the CPV, Volunteers and Electoral Commissioners. 
  • The full use of the Hujjat carpark with a one-way system shall ensure a constant flow to prevent unnecessary delays. 
  • A contingency plan has been created to ensure minimal disruption for any Mayyats on the day. (Further information shall be shared soon)
  • For specific needs please contact

An enhanced guide shall be made available by Monday 24 August 2020 which will provide a visual representation with practical guidance on what shall be required and expected from you on the day. 

Due to personal circumstance Br Akber Dharamsi has tendered his resignation from the Electoral Commission of Hujjat KSIMC of London. We whole heartedly thank him for his support, dedication and contribution to this team. As per the Constitution the Electoral Commission shall select amongst ourselves a replacement by next week. Should you wish to propose yourself or another member kindly email Please ensure your membership to the KSIMC of London is valid and paid up to date. 

Gentle reminder that all memberships should be paid up to date. Please contact for further guidance. 

The Electoral Commission of KSIMC of London request your support and Duas for these Elections. 

Farhan Jamal – Chair 

For and on behalf of the Electoral Commission 

The KSIMC of London

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