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Farewell to Muhsinbhai Dharamsi

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The Vice President of KSIMC of London, Al Haj Murtaza Gulamhusein gave a farewell speech to Muhsinbhai Dharamsi on behalf of the community at Hujjat Imambara, Stanmore on Thursday, 13 December 2007.

Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Salaamun Alaykum

I would like you to reflect on this Centre where we are comfortably sitting and enjoying its facilities.

This Centre, which many of us consider to be our second home is a hub to many activities and caters for the religious and to an extend, our social and communal needs of all ages and genders.

I ask you this question, what is it that has made our Stanmore a pride for the Khoja community – the bricks and mortars?  Certainly not, it is the selfless, dedicated and sincere contributions of our volunteers and one of them, who I say is a role model for others to emulate, is none other than our Muhsinbhai Dharamsi who has dedicated a good part of his life to this Centre and given selfless service with sincere intentions.  Sadly, Muhsinbhai has now decided to leave us and emigrate to Bhavnagar to which I say Bhavnagar you do not realise how fortunate you are to be having him.

With the limited time that I have, I will not be able to do justice in listing the contributions of Muhsinbhai but I will say that Muhsinbhai, you may be out of sight but certainly not out of our minds.

When we are sitting in this beautiful hall of ours and enjoying its comforts and beauty, we will think of you as you were in the forefront dealing with Kyle Stewart when this building was being designed and you stood by with all the committees through the turbulent times of Stanmore’s history.

When in Ramadhan, we listen to the eloquent recitation of Duas and Qur’an by our very young boys and girls, we will think of you as you were one of the first one’s to promote the best practice of encouraging our young boys to learn Duas and recite Qur’an and also gave them a platform in the main program.

When we see the large participation in the ELC in Muharram and during Ramadhan and we see the Annex buzzing with activities, it will again remind us of you for this is the result of your passion to see the future of this community progress.

Every place in this Centre and all the activities in it will remind us of you, Muhsinbhai.

The morning Islamic Montessori classes, many of you may not know this, but Muhsinbhai designed the Montessori and laid its foundation and to date is considered by them as their Patron.

The Saturday Workshop will miss you as well as it was your support that has made it what it is today and you may not know this but they call you the ‘Rock’ of the Workshop.

Your contribution to Shia Ithnasheri Madressa will not go unnoticed as you are one of the founder members.

We are today, as a community, very mindful that we are losing a dedicated worker and we pray to Allah (s.w.t.) that He gives you tawfiq to continue with the good work and grants you a long and healthy life.

We are also very sorry to lose Hussein Bapa Dharamsi whose contribution for this community dates from his youth days in Zanzibar and continued to give service to our Stanmore Centre.  This contribution is not less than his sons and we and we will also miss Muhsinbhai’s and Bapa’s attendance in this centre.

Finally, Muhsinbhai when you are relaxing in the gardens of Bhavnagar sipping cups of chai and eating ganthias, you should consider writing your memoirs and I am sure this will be very much appreciated by our community at large.

And I would like to end by reciting verse 105 from Surah Tawbah;

“And say to righteous work soon Allah will observe your work and his messenger and the believers.  Soon will you be brought back to the Knower of what is hidden and what is open.  Then will he show you the truth of all you did”.


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